A person’s financial situation is his backup during turbulent times. In the voyage of life, these turbulent waters are plenty in number and daunting in size. Every person has faced at least a few in the first thirty years of their lives. Some get affected so terribly that they are never the same, while others do no let the worst times be the defining moments of their lives.

This is the story of an entrepreneur who wished only good things to happen in his future, but the opposite took place. This is the story of Brad, a guy in his early thirties, who left his job to start his own business. Brad had to take enormous loans to get to the point where he is in this story. He had high hopes for his establishments, high aspirations that turned into a sad state he could have never imagined.


Brad had established a company that produced spare parts for electronic gadgets, especially for mobile phones. The first few months after the establishment went by as expected, there were not many contracts signed, nor were many sales made.

Brad wasn’t deterred by it, he had enough funds from loans and his savings to sail them through this dry period. What hindered him was when even after two years, he was not making any profits. He was not suffering losses either, but he had an almost negligible income. So, little that paying his debt instalments, the rent and paying for his necessities was not possible in the same month.

The worse time came when he did not repay his loans to the point that the lender had to take him to court, and a county court judgement was passed against him. According to the decision, he had a total of six months to repay his loan, and he could not take on another loan even if he wanted for six years. He had indeed hit rock bottom. Nothing could happen to him, then that would make him feel even worse.


Brad had to think on his feet now. He had to change his present to make his future secure. He did not know what he could do now that he had not done in the past two years that would make a difference.

He realised that there was one thing that he was too afraid to take on. Everyone knows China is the biggest market for manufacturing, from cars to phones, there is an outlet unit of assembly for each electronic gadget. If Brad could land a deal with one of those Chinese manufacturers, he would be able to get back on his feet.

He tried to do so, and he had virtual meetings with hundreds of companies until finally, he got his break. However, since Brad was still a novice at the electronics game, those guys in China will not give any upfront payment to him until they received the consignment. Because they wanted an exit option, they would not sign a contract with him, and if they were not satisfied with the quality, they would send it back as it came.

With no money and no guarantees, Brad was in utter turmoil to leap of faith or not.


Failure had been a constant in his life for two years. He considered himself one and his business was another. He did not think he had it in him to take on another disaster, but he had to.  There was no other option for him; it was either this or declared bankruptcy and start from scratch again.

He put his fear aside and decided to go ahead with it, hoping God could not be more awful to him. However, with no advance, he couldn’t gather all the pieces and dispatch them across the globe. He needed money, he thought of selling his house, but then he would not have a place to stay.

He took to google and literally searched ‘can a CCJ victim get financed?’ He never expected a definite answer, but his fortune must have started favouring him because a lender did provide CCJ loans. The interest rate was too high, and they weren’t for the long term. However, Brad was just content with getting his funding that nothing else concerned him.


The loan changed Brad’s world; he got his consignment ready and shipped by the next month. The Chinese fellows were, thankfully, so satisfied that they signed a five-year contract with him. His future did not seem as bleak anymore. He could see joy and happiness.

Once he had received that first wired transfer, he repaid most of his debt. The next transfer made it possible for him to hire help to get the shipments ready sooner. The third transfer saw the appearance of a classic car. By the fourth one, he had gained another contract deal and then there was no stopping him.

Difficult times will accompany us throughout our lives. We always have to remember that the brighter times are just across the bridge, but getting it is not easy. You may have to sell your heart and soul to reach there. Or you can leap of faith and take risks that under normal circumstances, you would never even entertain. Only then you might be able to restore your former state of affairs.

Written by Lisann Brown

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