How Does a Lymphedema Pump Help Treat Lymphedema?


Lymphedema compression pumps for legs are devices that help to treat serious conditions which involve swelling of lower limbs, muscle soreness, and foot skin infection.

Accumulation of unnecessary fluid in the lymphatic tissues cannot be cured but can be controlled with proper guidance from hematologists.

The lymphedema pump is designed to treat the lymphatic illness that occurs due to immobility, cancer, lower limbs surgeries, and inflammatory diseases.

Some important factors support the concept of using compression pump to decreases the threat of lymphedema.

Functions of Lymphedema PUMP:

The compression pump has some major applications that provide feasible results after extended usage.

The significant function of these devices is to activate air chambers in the sleeves that generate a wave-live motion to force lymph fluid to move from the lymphatic region to healthy portions of the entire body.

When the fluid reaches to desired areas then swelling will be reduced and the body will perform the basic functions without any use of unnecessary exercise just with the use of compression pump.

Other functions are:

  • Reduce skin hardening and blisters:

If a lymphedema pump is used daily then patients can feel the healing process of their skin especially the foot and toes. THE blood circulation will be stabilized and dryness of the skin will eventually decrease.

  • Reduction of lowers limbs swelling:

People suffering from lymphatic illness cannot move their legs due to swelling and continuous pain. lymphedema compression pumps for legs can cure the problem by fixing the lymphatic tissues and lumps on the legs will minimize.

  • Allows limbs motion to move freely without any pain:

Due to excessive pain in the limbs, people are afraid to move them due to the fear of muscle injury. After using a lymphedema pump or compression pump, the pain will slowly diminish and patients can try light exercises.

  • Decreases exhaustion:

The lymphatic disease can affect the respiratory system and minor work can cause blockage of oxygen to the lungs which results in tiredness. Another purpose of these compression pump is to enhance the pulmonary system and makes the body’s internal organs improved.

Types of Lymphedema Compression Pumps for Legs:

There are some best types of lymphedema compression pumps for legs such as:

  • Non-Programmable with single chamber
  • Simple design Type 1
  • One-way outflow port
  • Applies compression with no specific range.
  • Pressure range from 1-150 mmHg
  • Non-Programmable with multi chambers.
  • Complex design (Type 2)
  • Multiple outflow ports
  • Controllable pressure but limited setting options.
  •  Pressure range from 1-200 mmHg
  • Programmable with single/multi chambers.
  • Intelligible design (Type 3)
  • Multiple chambers (more than 30)
  • Bilateral system (It can operate on two legs instantaneously)
  • Each chamber consists of a specific pressure range and can be changed according to the client’s demand.

Advantages Lymphedema compression pump for legs:

The advantages of lymphedema compression pumps for legs are numerous and the most important are:

  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Decreases pain levels
  • Increases sleep time
  • Boost-up healing process
  • Copies the lymphatic system
  • Improves movement of limbs
  • Reduces expenditure on patients’ lymphatic disease treatment.

When not to use Lymphedema Pump:

Every medical device has some limitations and rules. The same goes for the lymphedema pump, which has some limitations.

There are some circumstances in which these pumps should not be used such as:

  • Strong cancer diagnosis procedure.
  • Kidney failure and blockage.
  • Respiratory issues.
  • Deep vein thrombosis active symptoms.
  • Active Pulmonary embolism.
  • Continuous Heart attacks cases.
  • Should not be used on children or teenagers below the age of 18.

Medshoola Lymphedema Pump:

The Medshoola lymphedema compression pumps for legs are formed specifically for patients who are facing life-threatening conditions and laying on the bed for a long duration.

This amazing lymphedema pump is completely portable and easy to use because it does not consist of heavy large hardware to assemble and then use these pair of pumps which comes in three separate classes;

  • Standard Compression Pump
  • Compression Support Socks
  • Support wear Compression High Stocking

Medshoola Compression pump are the best in the U.S market to give lower limbs muscles flexibility and can be used as a single piece or paired with other Medshoola products.

Easy to use and comfortable to wear, provided with stress-free guidelines to operate, and have long durability.

The key qualities of these products are:

  • Clinically proven:

Meets patient’s needs and recommended by best U.S surgeons, radiologists, and physicians.

  • Adjustable sizes:

Comes in a variety of designs targeting each client and fits perfectly.

  • Comfortable and soft garment:

Soft fabric with 100% customer satisfaction and skin-friendly sleeves, socks, and stockings.

  • The highly advanced technology used:

Generates lymphatic system with error-free technology and FAA proven battery.

  • Affordable prices:

All products are lower than $55 and a wide range of colors to wear according to customers’ demand.

  • Rechargeable Battery:

FAA-approved battery and ideal for travel.

  • Lightweight:

Comfortable to carry and extremely light to use and place any portion of home or hospital. Medshoola products are considered the best in the market. Stop thinking and buy them from this website, if you don’t want to lose your loved ones who are going through Lymphatic treatment with our lymphedema pump.

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