Get ready, Amazon’s Alexa can tell you the odds of the next NFL game

The next time you are fidgeting about how to get your favorite football team’s match score or thinking about how your favorite player is performing on the field, thanks to Amazon’s Alexa, you can get every single bit of news quite easily!

In the past, if you wanted to know what was going on in the sports world, you might have tuned in to ESPN or headed straight to your favorite sports website. Not anymore. Recently, people have started asking more sports related questions to Alexa, best known as the voice of the Amazon Echo line of speakers.

So Amazon lately has been giving all sports related inputs to Alexa and turning it into a smarter version of itself. Now Alexa can answer any sports related question you have in your mind. What’s more, it can even predict the future match outcomes and answer questions about players’ career statistics.

There are a range of activities that Alexa is intended to do in the coming able to notify users when a game of football is going to start or give updates to crazy fans about their favorite players

The NFL season has just started and Amazon is stuffing it’s Echo assistant with all sorts of football knowledge. Amazon’s Alexa can tell you the odds of the next NFL game and give you updates on your favorite teams.

Recently, Amazon has added a slew of new sports-related features to Alexa. Among them are:

Answers to trivia-related questions relating to sports history, records and statistics.
Updates on any injury suffered by a player and transactions involving individual players or teams.
Live predictions on who will win upcoming games, including the latest betting line.
Offering recaps of completed games.
Provide radio-like reports to fans on the latest information available of their favorite teams.

The days are not far away when Alexa users will also be able to ask for updates on their fantasy players and have it notify them when particular games start.

Where does Alexa  get all the Sports information, is a question that may arise in your mind. You will be astonished to know that Alexa relies on some 50 different sources, including and Sportradar, to provide answers to sports-related inquiries. Amazon itself has done a lot of work in the sports area in-house, including helping Alexa better respond to questions that are phrased using regular native language rather than with specific command lines.

The Alexa team is relentlessly working to ensure that Alexa is able to respond to questions about sports events as they happen and to understand the context of particular inquiries.

With Alexa getting smarter everyday, the Amazon team is gearing up for a long term vision for Alexa – it being able to answer all questions, in all forms, from anywhere in the world

In the tech world, Alexa is already competing with Apple’s Siri and Google’s intelligent assistant, who themselves have proved their worth as intelligent sports assistants. Only time will say, how Alexa is going to better itself in future and win more hearts

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