Google Search Console Has New Tools to Help Domain Changing

Recently Google tweeted on Google Webmaster is that “ Google update new features to Search Console. This update came with the “Change of address tool” shown on Google Search Console. This feature will help you to move a website from one domain to another domain. The domain changing process becomes easier for the website owner. For example, you can quickly move to

When Google informs about domain change, then it will be a priority to crawling and indexing the new domain over the old one. To submitting the change address request is a way to tell Google to green signal to the old domain to the new one.

The two new features as rolling out by Google:

1. Redirect validation for top 5 URLs of the moving domain

2. Reminders on top of both the moving domain and the destination domain (On-screen reminder)

# 1. Redirection Validation:


Deal with 301 redirections is the essential part of domain changing from one URL to another URL. Now, the change of address tool can added redirect validation for 5 URLs of the moving domain. Google can confirm redirection from old to new URL is valid right from the search console. The tool will show you the flow of redirection, validate flow, give you some examples and recommendations of redirects.

Here is a snapshot showing off the redirect validation feature:

# 2. On-screen Reminder:


Google Search Console now has an on-screen reminder of domain changing.

While changing the domain, Google search console will show you a reminder of domain changing. The reminder pop up opens whenever you are moving domain dashboard. The On-screen reminder pop up is like, “ this website is currently moving to (for example).

Here is a snapshot of that reminder pop up at the top of the Search Console page:

As per Google, the change of address request can take around six months. Throughout this period, this reminder continually displays on the dashboard’s screen.

Here, you have to notice one thing is that the change of address tool is just a part of the website moving process. You still have to handle 301 redirects for canonical pages as well as the home page before using this tool.

Here Are Some Cases Where You Should Not Use This Tool:

Changing your website address from Http to https. The easiest solution to manage this change is to use a 301 permanent redirect.

Moving particular pages on your website from one location to another. For example, moving… to… In this case, the best solution is to go with is 301 permanent redirects.

You are moving your website from www to non-www. Here, the best solution to go with is the 301 permanent redirect.

Wrap Up

The change of address tool can be a very robust feature, and adding the reminder that a website is moving can help to avoid mistakes while using the tool. The main purpose of this tool has become more useful for website owners, and Google is adding these fantastic new features. I hope you will find something helpful.

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