Fashion Hijab Styles- Know Which Hijab Style Is Suitable For You

Islam has been known for its conservatism and proud values and dignity. These teachings have affected their clothing as well. From ancient times, Muslims used to wear modest and traditional garments that cover their entire body. With the passage of time, this approach has been slightly relaxed. Islamic dressing is now entirely elegant and stylish that maintains dignity as well as modesty.

This Islamic clothing has included hijab as an important accessory for women that are available in a huge range of styles, fabrics, and colors that allow a woman to adopt any look along with a trendy hijab to suit specific occasions or choices.

These fashion hijab styles vary from person to person and place to place all over the world.

Below are some common designs frequently demanded and sold in the market:


One of the most common and known hijab styles available in the shops. It is manufactured with a light and comfortable fabric that is rectangular in shape and features a number of design choices, involving an inclusive range of Indian and Arabian designs.

A real hijab of this kind is not likely to be in the range of a common person. It provides a high level of versatility when used, with the option to wrap, drape or tie in occasions or daily use.

Single Piece:

It is another frequently worn form of hijab that was initially introduced in the regions of the Middle East. It is a comfortable, practical, and durable option, thus perfect for children and women to wear as a fashion accessory or complementary item for their dressing.

`This kind of hijab is normally produced in cotton jersey fabric and is very easy to carry as well. It is generally tabular in a form which means, it is easy to wrap over the head.


The long scarf which is a kind of rectangular designed hijab is one of the oldest but most flexible and preferable styles for women. It is normally produced in a number of fabrics whether it would be cotton or polyester, silk, soft to satin, etc.

It is suitable for women who always want to wear comfortable scarves and their lengths are enough to wrap over in different styles. The luxurious and elegant fashion hijab styles are available in huge varieties and you can adopt whatever style you want.

Every style is not suitable for you, due to which, you need to experiment and come to a conclusion that, which style is suitable for you and which is not.


An option to the rectangular or tube designed is a square hijab which is mostly worn in the areas of Eastern Europe and Southern Asia. Cotton and polyester are frequently used in the manufacture of this type of hijab. You will find it in both adorned with a number of designs and patterns or completely plain.

This kind of hijab is normally worn by wrapping the scarf to make a triangular shape, which is pinned under the chin. It is mostly suggested for women with long or slim faces as they look adorable with minimum fuss and are suitable for any event.

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