Effective Ways for Getting Permanent Residence in Australia


Are you planning to move to Australia permanently? Do you want to know the effective ways to get Australian Permanent Residence (PR)? Well! Moving to Australia and settling there permanently is the dream of almost everyone worldwide, but it is not as easy as it seems to become PR in Australia.

First, we need to understand the PR process, how & when to apply and what are the effective ways to get Australian PR. Remember, in this process, migration agents will be able to assist you and make the process stress-free for you. There are many migration agents in Melbourne, Sydney and many other areas of Australia helping people to get PR in Australia.

Effective Ways to Get an Australian PR

To get an Australian PR, you need to gain a minimum of 65 migration points. However, the more you obtain migration points, the more you increase your chances as compared to others. Some of the effective ways are as follows.

  • You must be below 45 years old.
  • Your English language proficiency test results.
  • It would be best to choose SOL (Skilled Occupation List) listed occupation.
  • Your academic records and work experience.
  • State, territory, regional or relatives sponsored.
  • Get extra migration points by studying in an Australian regional area and enrol in Professional Year (PY) program.

How to Calculate PR Migration Points?

You can calculate your PR points by yourself, or you can also take assistance from migration agents. Let us understand how to calculate PR points.

Criteria PR PointsAge 18-24 (25 points)25-32 (30 points)33-39 (25 points)40-44 (15 points)Work Experience Outside Australia3-4 years (5 points)5-7 years (10 points)8-10 years (15 years) Inside Australia1-2 years (5 points)3-4 years (10 points)5-7 years (15 points)8-10 years (20 points)Academic Records Doctorate degree (20 points)Doctorate degree in STEM from an Australian institution (10 points)Masters degree in STEM from an Australian institution (10 points)Bachelor or master degree  (15 points)Diploma or trade courses from an Australian institution (10 points)Other relevant qualifications and awards recognized via assessing authority for the nominated skilled occupation (10 points)Partner Qualification Your partner must:Be a citizen or PR in Australia (10 points)Has a positive skill assessment (10 points)Has competent English (5 points)Additional Points You will get 5 extra migration points, if you:·         Study in a regional area·         Sponsored by state or territory government·         Sponsored by regional or relative·         Enrol in the Professional Year (PY) program·         Accredited in community language

This table will help you understand how many points you have or need to have to become eligible for an Australian PR. Keep in mind it takes 8 to 12 months to process PR applications, and it is important to know about the migration points system and how it works.

Note: Your skills matter a lot as Australia provides plenty of employment options in various fields that have a high chance so getting PR compared to options in the general field. For instance, if you are an RN (Registered Nurse) or want to study RN in Australia, you will get a high chance of getting PR, and if you are having relevant skills as listed on the Australian SOL, you also have a high chance. It is not always about studying anywhere, but sometimes your skills and work experience counts.

Merits of Permanent Residence of Australia

Keep in mind that Australian citizens and permanent residents are different as the citizen gets more merits than a PR holder does. The merits a PR holder will get are as follows.

  • Can stay in Australia permanently
  • Can apply for Australian citizenship after being a PR for three years
  • Receive advantage of Medicare
  • Can buy properties anywhere in Australia
  • Can apply for bank loans

Merits of Australian Citizenship

The merits only citizens can get are as follows.

  • Receive passport of Australia
  • Can apply for student loans
  • Can join the defence force of Australia
  • Become eligible to work for the Australian Government
  • Can give votes at the time of elections

These merits will help you understand what benefits you will gain after becoming a permanent resident or a citizen of Australia. Whether you are a PR or citizen, you will become eligible to sponsor your family and friends in Australia.


If you want to apply for Australian PR but are unaware of how to process, who can assist, what are the requirements, what to know, etc., you can take assistance from Asia Pacific Group’s migration agents. Their registered migration agents in Melbourne, Sydney and other areas of Australia, India, the Philippines and Cambodia assist thousands of people yearly in their PR process and achieve positive results. They also provide other education and migration-related services, such as admission, course change, visa extension, visa conversion, PY program, etc.

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