Changes iPhone Developers Has To Make In iPhone Apps After iOS 13

WWDC was held on June 2019, and that’s when the news of iOS 13 was released. The newer version is filled with a bulk of new and exciting features that users would be amazed at. This might be a flair of happiness for the users but brings a ton of extra work from the end of the developers. They need to learn the changes and the ways to implement those changes in their development process. There are several new features introduced, and if iPhone developers don’t comply with their apps with those features. Their user base will experience a downward hit. Also, there is high competition, and if competitor updates their app with iOS 13, you can’t lag.

After the launch of the new iPhone, the job has become even more critical and complicated to make the apps compatible with the new sizes. Here is a list of things to integrate by the iPhone developers in the apps they develop.

1) Permission For Location
Apple is laying extra focus on the privacy of the users. This made them come up with the feature of location pop up. Now, you might be thinking, wasn’t this feature already present in the previous version? Well, the answer is yes, but it is updated now. During the last version, the app asks the permission for once, and the developer can get the location detail anytime they want. Users location details can be negatively used by the developer because of this always access to the location feature.

With iOS 13, the developer has to ask for permission every time they want to use the location of the user. The user’s privacy has increased a bit with this location permission feature. The app has to inform the user why they need the location information. Every iOS developer must integrate this feature into their app to gain users trust.

2) iPad OS
A separate OS for iPad is an exciting addition in iOS 13. Apple needed an entirely different set of features for its iPad, which made the design and released an iPad OS. If you are into developing iPad apps, you must learn about the new OS, get iOS training if you need and learn its integration.

3) Dark Mode
It can be considered as one of the significant updates in the iOS 13. If you think whether it will affect your app or the method of your development, then yes definitely it will. As an iOS developer, you must learn to integrate the feature of your app changing from white to the black background. It can be a marketing tactic to sell your app. Not every mobile application and not every iOS developer is yet acquainted with this feature. Hence, it can be a USP for your iPhone app. The users will have a visual flair to see the changing colours of the app.

4) Siri
Siri has grown better than ever and used very efficiently by Apple users. So, if your app doesn’t take Siri commands, its high time to update with the iOS 13.

5) Login With Apple
Login with Google and log in with Facebook are very much prevalent, and users are ingrained with its usage. However, now there will be a new option available, log in with Apple. It is not same as other logs in options; there are some small changes. The user has two options: they can either with Touch ID or Face ID or with the Apple ID credentials. One of the important thing about this feature is that the Apple review team will check this feature in every new app submission. Login with Apple has to be in the app in the social login options or else the app will be rejected. So, iOS developers better start working on it.

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