Best Web Hosting for small business

Best Web Hosting for small business

Are you an entrepreneur yourself, or planning a startup? Does your business come under the SME sector (Small and medium enterprises) or category? If this is the case, you should be aware of your home address. Your dream business that is close to your heart, based on which you might have planned your prosperous future must have an address that provides its security, scope of growth, and suits your shoestring budget. No, we are not talking about your new shop/office address, it even more important than that.

It is a matter of utmost importance where you decide to park your company website. The domain where you host your first website is the place where the identity of your company rests. In every way, it has to be the best suitable for you and your business. Before deciding on the best web hosting provider for your company website and your emails, you have to consider several points.

  • The web hosting provider must allow you enough space to accommodate the number of email Ids you would like to create for official correspondence. What is the capacity of emails can the server hold?
  • The web hosting provider must be favorably priced so that suits your budget and your affordability
  • There should be no compromise with speed and performance. The hosting provider should be able to boost the performance of your website and the transaction of emails. There should not be any lagging issues or glitch.
  • Your web hosting provider should have the necessary security certificates to assure a secure online experience for your customers and users. It should not be venerable to malware attacks and phishing, thus compromising your website or business data by any chance.
  • You should have recommendations from your friends and other technical experts about a domain you choose. You should check facts like how many companies are being hosted by the service provider, what is the feedback from the companies, the hosting policies of the company, their renewal plans, and restrictions.
  • There are hundreds of web hosting companies out there but you should avoid hosting companies that are too good to be true with their low-cost challenge and then once you register yourself and make a payment, they keep pressing you for additional payment for upgrades or other facilities that are important for your website or online behavior.
  • Your hosting provider must assure you that you won’t have to face issues of instances like server down or server crash. Many reputed companies out there have lost millions of dollars and valuable hours of business for cases like server failure or server down.

Reputation, reliability, and recommendation are the key points that you should keep in mind before deciding on your web hosting provider. The price value might hold the topmost priority for you, but you have to careful to select between low cost – low services and reasonable cost and great services and best value for money.

We shall discuss one of the most reliable web hosting service providers for your company or enterprise that will provide the right platform for success. We shall focus on vital points like minimum uptime assurance, user-friendliness, reliable customer support. Some of the key features would help you to choose among the best.

Blue host – The company owns the repute of being the best hosting service provider company for small and medium-sized businesses. Having hosted more than two million websites till now, it certainly has an edge above its competition. It provides easy integration of word press, extremely user friendly, and can be handled by persons with the least technical knowledge. It promises an uptime at 99.98% which almost nullifies the downtime by only two hours in a year. Though it offers a limited space it provides an excellent support system. Its knowledge center and live chat assistance system is a great facility for both beginners and Pro. At a very reasonable cost, the Blue host service provider has monthly packages that allow Free website domain, One-click word press installation, the bandwidth of 50 GB storage space, a Free SSL certificate, 24×7 support system via live chat and phone. Another great promise that it makes is its money back policy of 30 Days, in case the customer is not happy with its services, it offers a refund of payment.

The plans offered can be customized as per your requirement. For example, the 50 GB plan is perfect for you if your website would be running normal blogs on word press if your web traffic is limited and your email usage is moderate. For more extensive usage it offers a Plus plan that enables unlimited email usage and email accounts, unlimited domains, Free SSL certificate, and spam support. It has dedicated & flexible plans that offer more storage, unlimited bandwidth, and faster load time combined with transparent pricing and easy setup process.

All the above discussion draws a bottom-line that is directly related to your requirement. Based on the size and nature of your business and the number of resources you require; you have to choose a plan from your hosting service provider. A clear idea about your requirement can help you pick the best host provider for your business entity.

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