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A baseball uniform is truly incomplete without a baseball. You will hardly find any professional baseball player or a true fan wearing a uniform and skipping the hat. True that the basic function of a hat is to protect you from direct sunlight, but a sportsperson or anyone with a knack for hats will show you how it is more than just protective wear. The hat is a statement itself, and it also compliments the sports attire in a way that no other accessory can. The popularity of the accessory can be judged by the fact that there are numerous types and designs of hats for every sport.

Baseball Hats at EVO9x

If you are thinking where can I get these different stylish baseball hats, look no further. We have got the best custom baseball hats for men and women in youth as well as adults. Who are we? Well, here is a brief overview of who we are and what we have got:


We are EVO9X, a sports apparel company based in New Jersey, USA. We make dye-sublimated customized uniforms for all different sports like baseball, softball, lacrosse, football, basketball, wrestling, esports, etc. The products we make for each sport include jerseys, shorts, pants, hoodies, jackets, sweatpants, and other athleisure wear as well as accessories like hats, arm sleeves, socks, bags, etc.

Here is a summary of the baseball hats we make:

404M Trucker Mesh

Truckers are super popular Custom baseball hats. Our 404M Trucker Pac flex is from Pacific Headwear. It is made of trucker mesh and performance fabric (a lightweight polyester with moisture-managing properties). Its lightweight and breathable design makes it perfect for warm weather and sunny days. The hat is available in both mid-profile and full-profile crown designs. Its contrast stitching, a contracting under visor, and half piping makes it stylish and allow for customization. It has a front eyelet panel and a pro-stitched finish. Its visor is curved in shape. The hat has a flat and closed back. It is available in various colors and designs and can be customized.


Another bestseller from Pacific Headwear is the D5 in the D-series. It is made of trucker mesh and polyester blend fabric. It is breathable and has moisture-managing properties. With contrast stitching and a contrasting undervisor, the hat can be customized. The hat’s crown is a full-profile one with a flat visor. It has front panel eyelets and a pro-stitched finish. The back of the hat is closed and flat. There are various color and design options available that you can use to customize your D5 Pacific hat. 

PTS 30

The Performance Team Series 30 is a popular hat from another headwear giant, i.e. Richardson Sports. It is made of Lite Performance Poly-stretch with 98% polyester and 2% spandex. It has a mid-profile crown shape with a Uform visor. Its vented back panels allow for breathability. It also has a sweatband made of Stay-Dri Poly-stretch.  It is made through knitting and is available in multiple colors and designs. You can customize it using these colors and designs. 

PTS 40

The PTS 40 is another bestseller in the Performance Team Series. It is made of DRYVE Performance Micro Mesh with 100% polyester. The fabric has moisture-wicking features. This hat also has a sweatband made of Stay-Dry Polystrech. The hat is made through knitting. The crown shape is a full-profile one with a Uform visor. You can get this hat customized with the various colors available or can choose from the available multiple designs. 

If you are wondering why should you get hats, or any other product from EVO9X, hear us out. We are a US-based company and we make our products locally here in Edison, New Jersey. We guarantee that our products’ quality is unmatchable for the prices they are for. We sell local products for imported prices. Moreover, our turnaround time is unbeatable. We have a ‘3-weeks or its on us’ policy. If we fail to deliver your order within 2 to 3 weeks, you will get your payment back along with the order. 

Furthermore, we allow full customization of our products. We have got expert in-house designers on our team who can make any design you want and can also help you come up with a design that you feel is your type. You can contact our designers on call, through the internet, or can also walk right up to our facility in Edison. 

In addition, what makes EVO9X products great is the fact that we do not compromise on the quality of the fabrics used in our products. We use the finest quality polyester that allows moisture-wicking, body temperature management, and allows a good rate of sweat evaporation. Our products are durable and they require minimum maintenance. 

Can you get a deal this good anywhere else? So what are you waiting for? Go on to the website and place your order now.

Written by Evo9x

We have been manufacturing custom sublimation uniforms for over a decade in the United States. From full-dye sublimation, semi-sublimation, embroidery to screen printing, we have catered to various sports, including Softball, Baseball, Football, Basketball, Lacrosse, Soccer, and many more.

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