Homeowners are always looking to find new ways to give a little life to their homes, whether it is through a major renovation project or getting new furniture pieces. It might surprise them that there are easy and simple ways to change up the look of a room without costing too much time and effort. Here are 9 simple home decor ideas to transform your home.

  • Bold Wooden Lettering

That wall that’s plain and done in a neutral color can be elevated to look interesting with a couple of wooden lettering. You can use a meaningful quote as an inspiration or go the extra mile and hang an oversized and bold artwork to grab people’s attention.

  • Matching cushions and wallpaper

You don’t have to strip off a timeless wallpaper design just to give it a little spice. That is only going to cost you a lot of money. Instead, leave the wallpaper in place and instead change the cushions and lampshades to match the shade or tone of the wallpaper.

  • Statement Lighting

The trend in lighting is to stick to understated and subdued fixtures. It is people’s belief to let the lighting speak especially in personal rooms. But for shared spaces like the living room or dining room, having statement lighting is going to do wonders for space. There are a lot of these that are affordable yet equally gorgeous.

  • New look for sofas

Furniture pieces like a good sofa usually stay with you for a long time. However, due to the changing times and the passing of trends, a comfortable sofa might look dated and old after only a couple of years. You can give it a fresh lease on life with a simple reupholstering. Give it a two-tone look, maybe in shades of pink and taupe.

  • Display your memories

The only photographs that people display are those taken professionally and blown up to the size of an entire wall. However, a great way to give a house some personality would be through displaying beautiful memories. Choose a couple from your photo album, have them enlarged, framed, and display them around the house.

  • Get a beautiful rug

You would be surprised just how much a nice piece of rug can change the look of an entire room. Rugs don’t only serve a purpose but they can tie a room with disjointed furnishings. There are a ton of statement rugs available at any local home furnishing store. Geometric patterns are making a comeback as well as rugs in bold and loud colors.

  • A wall of stickers

You don’t have to visit a metal roofing supply to update the look of your home. If you love typography and want to incorporate it into your home, your best option would be to use stickers. You can set aside an entire wall for such things, sticking in an inspiring quote for everyone in the house to see. It can also serve as a talking point for guests.

  • Statement Wall

We’ve all seen pictures of monochromatic rooms with one wall painted in a loud color. Well, this trend hasn’t disappeared just yet. In fact, it continues to thrive among the home DIY hobbyists as it is a simple yet effective way to change a room’s look and feel. You can do false roofing also to make it look even better. For more information, please check metal roofing supply.

  • Better in yellow

One of the hottest colors this season quite literally is yellow. It adds brightness to a room and reminds one to look on the bright side of things. A neutral room accented with yellow paint and a couple of yellow furniture pieces is an easy yet effective way to change up a room’s look.

Written by Leanne Brooks

Leanne Brooks is an ardent blogger and frequent traveler who writes about home improvement, travel, and technology. She is currently working with EyeSpySupply, which offers a wide range of surveillance equipment, including spy wireless camera, nanny camera, GPS trackers, voice-activated audio recorders and more.

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