Disc Harrow Uses – Types, Components And Benefits

What is Disc Harrow

The disc harrow is a tractor implement, mounted on the backside of the tractor. The farm implements used to break up crop residues, pulverize the soil, cover the seeds, and uproot weeds. The tractor implements suitable for the soil where crops are planted.

There are many tractor brands available in the tractor market that perform efficiently with the disc harrow, like the Kubota tractor that has high lifting capacity and high PTO hp to attach the disc harrow and lift it.

Types of Disc Harrow

There are three types of disc harrow available in the industry.

1. Single – Action Harrow

This type of disc harrow comes with disc gangs that break the soil only in one direction. The cutting width range of a single-action disc harrow is from 4 feet to 20 feet.

2.  Double-Action Harrow

Double action harrow is also called tandem disc harrow. This type of disc harrow consists of two or more rows of disc gangs. The front gangs break the soil in one direction and rear gangs in the opposite direction. It provides a much finer and homogeneous cut. The double-action harrow does not chuck any specific pattern.

It violently scrambles the ground beneath it. A machine is manufactured for excellent levelling. Due to its special features, it can easily cover larger areas.

3. Offset Harrow

The offset harrow has gangs that aren’t in-line with tractors dragging it. This type of harrow has two rows of disc gangs to break the soil in the opposite direction of each other and performs as a double-action harrow. In size, it is the largest among the other types of disc harrow. It is suitable for large fields. The purpose of the offset disc harrow is to implement primary land tillage cultivation and plucking virgin ground. Their chewing produces a very smooth level on the ground.

Components of Disc Harrow

Here we are showing some significant components of Disc harrow. Let’s check out.

  • Disc

It is a blade used for inverting and cutting the soil. A disc is a concave, circular revolving steel plate. The concave disc size varies from 35 cm to 70 cm in diameter. Disc’s concavity affects the pulverization and penetration of soil.

  • Gang

The gang has 3-13 discs assembled on a square shaft called gang shaft. The disc speaking falls between 6″-9″ with cast iron spools.

  • Gang Bolt or Arbor Bolt

A set of discs mounted on a gang bolt, which is a shaft. The spacing between discs for light-duty harrows is 15 cm – 23 cm and for heavy-duty harrows 25 cm – 30 cm.

  • Transport Wheels

The transport wheels used for transport operations on roads and to avoid damage to the roads. It also protects the edges of the discs. Mounted disc harrows do not require any wheels for transport purposes.

  • Scraper

A scraper removes the soil, which sticks to the disc’s concave side. It protects the discs from clogging.

  • Weight box

Putting the additional weight on implementing the box of the frame is provided on the harrow’s mainframe. The extra weight helps in improving the penetration of discs in the soil.

Benefits of Disc Harrow

  • It cultivates the soil precisely and allows new and wanted crops to grow bigger and faster.
  • The farm machine kills or removes the unwanted weeds, crops and crop residue that affected the wanted crop’s growth.
  • It saves time and extra expenses.
  • The machine completes the tasks very efficiently, resulting in high growth of any planted seeds.
  • Disc harrow improves the surface uniformity and soil aeration.

These are the basic information about disc harrow. We hope you liked the blog and are happy with it. If you want more information related to the topic, then stay tuned with us.

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