Does your eCommerce store really require a Mobile application?

A web portal and app, both are the equally significant drivers of a business in the real world. No matter what your business domain or category is, having a digital presence is essential. An online web portal works as a useful channel to market your business and helps to reach target customers. All you require to do is use it in the right ways. Where eCommerce web portals are for a long time, mobile applications have stepped in to support them through eCommerce mobile app development.

However, with a boost in use and new trends of mobile usage has bound the probing minds to develop a free choice for sites. And there we see more development of mobile applications through many maturing Mobile App Development Company.

Access Comparison of utilizing Smartphones   

Today, more than 80 % of everyday people use smart mobile phones. This scenario has led to an increase in the development of mobile apps for both support and substitute to a website. People are more liable to access utilizing smartphones compared to a desktop or a laptop.

Though the time when e-commerce emerged, it advanced the retail industry, but now technology has changed the present image of doing business digitally. You might have an E-Commerce portal for your online business, but having an app has its own advantages.

Mobile Apps Statistics 

  • Consumers downloaded around 178 billion applications in the year 2017. That number is expected-up to grow to 258 billion in 2022, a 45 % boost in the subsequent five years.
  • In the year 2016, the revenue from mobile application downloads, ads, and in-app purchases were $88 billion, and this number is expected-up to cross $188 billion in the year 2020.
  • Discussing the retail industry, they rank 4th among the trendy applications downloaded right from the play store.

All the above statistics say that mobile applications would become a more productive market for the online retail industry. And not just for the digital marketers in the retail domain but also for the mobile app developers.

Electronic Commerce and Mobile Apps

Electronic commerce has been a useful place for most of retail marketers. Whether it is Flipkart, eBay, Amazon, or Walmart, the E-commerce industry is doing better compared to offline stores. Marketers have undergone an incredible shift by employing a website to enable their products.

A similar scenario goes with mobile applications. Today pacing with technology reliability, you can anytime hire a Mobile App Developer for building an app to facilitate comfort to your stakeholders. Why use an immobile desktop when you’re on the move smartphone is capable of all. The mounting popularity of mobile applications inevitably impacts the web portal viewability rate. For an online business with mobile apps, the usage rate is more considerable as matched to one with a site.

Preference of Mobile Apps over Web Portals

As apparent from the statistics of smartphone usage, it is evident that people are utilizing mobile applications more than website portals. We can observe that when a user wants to make a product purchase, he explores the internet more about the product and its price. He can also quickly check-out the product accessibility previous to visiting an offline store. However, even in such scenarios, the use of apps is handier as matched to websites.

With the necessary information, users can also have access to product reviews and ratings, facilitating them to decide in a better way. All these reasons say that marketers and users have a better hand with mobile apps.

Enable Better Connectivity and Mobility

We all know smartphones are highly technological today. The technology functionalities such as GPS locators, the push notification, and instant messaging all assist the marketers in engaging directly with frequent users. Users can effortlessly monitor and track their products, use live support to clarify product queries, and remain informed of the offers as well as discounts. Also, the present age of smartphones is not only functionality specific but also cost-effective, thereby targeting people from numerous public sectors.

Transparent Access to Online Products

Mobile phones supported apps are powered-up with the complete essential information requisite on online products. Users can evaluate, refer to a family member or a friend, swiftly share on social media sites, explore and seek references, and also pay on the internet. This scenario facilitates the users to decide with superior choices and execute things with a single click on the application.

Enhanced User Experience

Other benefits of eCommerce mobile app development are the improved user experience. Users can monitor a product, access search history, save a piece for later acquisition, handily refill existing orders, and much more.

Key Takeaways

In this blog post, we discovered how mobile apps consume and fulfill all the necessities of customers. So, connect with us at Pixlogix, we are a leading mobile app development company in India. You can even Hire Mobile App Developer through our company.

Written by Meshur Ahir

Meshur Ahir is a young enthusiast who Loves Internet Marketing and is always eager to share useful and authentic content to help others. He believes in Learning, Sharing, and keep growing together. A Computer Science Engineer by Chance and Working as a Digital Marketing Consultant in Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. by Choice. 

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