Tips to make your small kitchen feel more significant.

As the trend is changing over time, designing your kitchen is like a never-ending job. Nowadays, kitchen design is all about maximizing what you have so that you don’t need to make it bigger by tearing it down.

Even without adding single fancy stuff, you can stretch your kitchen with a lit bit of creativity.

If you are currently finding yourself stuck in a cramped kitchen condition, all you need to do is to follow some few simple, smart decor ideas.

Read the article until the end and learn a few simple tips to follow before going for any change.

Simple tips to make your kitchen feel more significant.

1. Changing The Colour Can Create Big Impression.

kitchen decor

The colour scheme can create a significant impact on the space available in the kitchen. A light colour will naturally reflect sunlight, thus avoiding room to feel dark and compacted.

Or you can choose the colour of your choice, but try to keep the cabinet and wall colour the same. It will remove visual barriers making the room look larger than it is.

Feel free to use different colour mixes to avoid dark contrasting colours to see the room as one continuous unit.

A colour which you choose should be your personal choice and not influenced by anybody else.

2. Maintain a glossy look throughout the room.

kitchen decor

Mirrors kept in your bedroom gives a spacious feeling. Glossy finish cabinets and stainless steel appliances will reflect the light to give a bigger space.

Try to replace the old kitchen appliances with the latest one to enhance the look. Smart appliances like refrigerator, kitchen chimney, microwave oven all of them mostly have stainless steel body.

Try to keep the window design as simple as possible with little to no decoration to maximize the amount of light available to bounce from these glossy surface.

3. Create Open Shelving. 

kitchen decor

Decoration of open shelving should start with the selection of attractive antique elements. When you retain solid cabinets till the ceiling, it can create the compacted appearance.

Just remove the upper cabinets and make a way to open shelving. These shelves offer plenty of spaces for kitchen appliances and accessories.

Soft lights below these shelves can make feel extra spacious and bright. Avoid stuffing unnecessary things in this area and adapt multi-utility gadgets to save space.

4. Keep counter clutter-free.

Whether it’s on the cabinets, shelves, or the cooking space – clutter can ruin the small kitchen space.

Drawers can create space by maximizing the storage space available so that you can hide utensils, crockery and ingredients. Try putting things in a pantry or garage that you won’t regularly use.

You can create extra space in the kitchen by introducing half wall concept between the kitchen and dining room. It increases the sense of space and makes your small kitchen feel open.

Only keep carefully selected collection of personal items for display. Minimize visual clutter by getting rid of unwanted design pieces such as corbels and window coverings.

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