6 Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Friends

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If you are on a budget but still want to give an awesome gift to your friends, here is a help for you! If you know the interests of your friends or can give a touch of personalization to their gifts then you can make a world of difference. We have come up with a few inexpensive gift ideas that do not cost you much but they are not low in quality.

Gift Ideas for Friends

If your best friend is your sister and you have received designer rakhi online from her, surprise her with these gifts.

Prepare a Self-grooming Kit

If your friend is “she” nothing can be better than a self grooming kit. You can prefer to purchase nail polishes, clippers, filers, a pack of hair bands, lipstick, bracelet, anklets etc. Give wings to your imagination and give a touch of personalization to this gift to make it adorable.

Scented Candles

Scented candles are one of the adorable gifts that have a great utility value. They are purchased as a home décor item and this inexpensive gift is sure to please your friend. They are a great way to enhance the ambience of your rooms to it much more welcoming. These candles can be used to create fragrance-rich surroundings or can be used for candle light dinner.

Coffee Mug With a Touch of Personalization

Your Coffee or tea lover friend will feel more than happy to receive this utility gift. Gift your friend or friend like sister a coffee mug to please her. You can add a touch of personalization by getting your moments of togetherness printed on it. You can also get a cute message written over the cup, or get her favorite actor/actress or any other character printed on the mug to make her feel special. If designer rakhis online sent by have won your heart, it’s your turn to make her happy by presenting her a beautiful coffee mug.

Make a Box of Goodies

If your friend has a sweet tooth there are a lot of items that you can prefer giving him/her as a gift. You can choose to make a box of goodies and can include cookies, toffees, chocolates and more in this box. You can also make it a personalized gift by adding a cute note like: thanks for my best buddy”, “you are someone special in my life.” or any heartfelt message.

A Potted Plant

A potted plant can be a great gift for an environment-friendly buddy that loves greenery. A beautiful plant does not cost you much and can be a constant source of happiness for your friends. You can present him/her shrubs like rose plant or any other flower plant, a money plant, a cactus plant etc.

A Customized Pillow

Remember your child hood days when you used to have pillow fights with each other? You can make your friend miss you by gifting him/her a pillow which will not cost you much but will make your buddy feel pleasantly surprised. Give your friend a pillow and get that pillow customized with the beautiful memories of togetherness or his/her own photo.

Bottom Line

Even a bouquet made of hand-picked flowers is a great idea to make your friend feel special. But, if you have a limited budget and want to make your gift an awesome one, you can go in for the inexpensive items mentioned above. Just keep in mind that a little amount of personalization can make your gifts outstanding and truly memorable. When you receive designer rakhis online from your friend like your sister, it is your duty to please her with a wonderful gift.

Written by Anurag Malik

Anurag Malik is the content manager at Rakhi Celebrations, an online rakhi delivery shop. He loves to share his ideas on social media on lifestyle, health, business and more.

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