5 Intriguing Strategies to Solve Linear Motion Questions in Physics


Linear motion is a tough topic students come across while doing physics assignments. This topic covers the theory of objects moving in a straight line and how it affects the motion if the objects are rectilinear or parallel to each other. Students generally find it complex to understand the theory and the concepts of how to complete a particular question. It makes them seek help from online writing platforms, which provide physics homework helper services to scholars who need assistance and want to relieve the stress of completing the projects on time.

It is one of the typical physics subjects that students usually don’t find interesting to complete. It covers areas such as velocity, displacement, vectors, etc., which require the utmost attention and concentration, which students usually don’t have. When it comes to linear motion is one of the theoretical and practical topics that clarifies the concepts of an object moving and how it affects the velocity and other factors. Various platforms also provide chemistry homework helper services to students who need assistance solving chemistry problems. To help the scholars with this given below are some of the strategies that will remove the stress of completing the task on time.

Top 5 Intriguing Strategies to Solve Linear Motion Problems

The five intriguing strategies listed below will show scholars how to solve linear motion problems in a single step. These strategies will help them understand how to get the answer to the question given and how to solve it with the minimum amount of effort and time. The strategies are as follows:

  •  Solve the Difficult Part First
  •  Decode the Question Step by Step
  •  Know the Difference between Velocity and Displacement
  •  List All the Variables First
  •  Try to Use a Different Approach

Solve the Difficult Part First

It becomes necessary for the scholars to solve the difficult part of the question first because the majority of the issue gets resolved only when they try to solve the difficult part and then switch to the next part. Sometimes it makes them feel like they cannot solve the question quickly because they don’t know how to solve the problem and get the correct answer. It is one of the useful strategies that students should be aware of because it facilitates their problem-solving journey. It is a particular strategy that should be applied carefully because this is an essential prior step that should be noted seriously. They should know that solving the entire part first clears the road to getting accurate results.

Decode the Question Step-by-Step

Try to solve the question using a step-by-step method. Sometimes scholars try to solve the whole question in one go, and when it comes to solving the questions at the end, they get confused and are unable to solve them. It is best to write down each step and keep a checklist. It will eventually make the problem-solving process easy. Students get confused and anxious because they cannot get the answer right which makes them miss the deadline and lose marks. One of the essential factors is to complete the question on time. It is the best way to solve the question because writing down the step-by-step process will clear the majority of doubts arising from the question, and they can solve it.

Know the Difference Between Velocity and Displacement

Velocity is the proportional change in displacement over some time. While solving the velocity questions, scholars must know the difference between velocity and displacement because, at times, they find it difficult to solve the questions without knowing it. These two terms are critical terminologies that students must know when answering the questions because, in the end, they are required to perform the problem related to this.

The basic formula to solve the velocity question is 

v=change in position/ change in time

The calculation of the average velocity means that when there is a velocity question, there is a shift change in the displacement to the time taken.

List All the Variables First

It may seem impossible and tiring to list all the variables in the question together. These variables include velocity, initial velocity, distance, acceleration time, etc. It will assist you in better understanding the question, which is the essential part. This is one of the main factors in solving these complex problems because it will help solve the equations. Try to write down all the variables on one piece of paper so that you can easily solve the equation while doing it. Solving the problem and answering complex questions in one sitting requires a lot of focus. These are symbols that signify that this particular question demands an answer in this way and needs to be solved using this method only.

Try to Use a Different Approach

When it comes to solving complex equations, it is advisable to take a different approach. Using the same approach and methods makes the process easy, and answers can come with no problems in between. Students often try to solve the questions with a similar technique, and they do get the answer right. Try to use a different and innovative approach, whether this is taken from the study material or created by oneself. One thing that should be considered is how to apply the approach in the answer to get an accurate result. These approaches will help the reader to understand the basic criteria behind solving the answer and making the outcomes the best.


These are some of the strategies that will help scholars understand how to solve questions of linear motion. It will help them get a basic idea of how to solve linear motion problems. One of the tough topics that scholars should understand is the combination of theoretical and practical knowledge, which requires the utmost attention. But sometimes students get confused about how to solve these assignments. It puts them in the situation of seeking assistance from the physics homework helper services to get the guidance needed in the writing journey.

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