4 Innovative Features of Vtiger customer portal extension

Customers are a very important asset of a company. Having strong and long-lasting relations with your customers is the key to achieving your goals faster, increasing sales, and generating huge revenue.

What is Vtiger?

Vtiger is the fastest-growing CRM software for businesses to enhance their customer interactions, close and track deals, run marketing campaigns, collaborate with the team, and much more. It extends support and features to improve your productivity and efficiency by providing great storage space to store confidential data, tools to interact with customers, schedule meetings and video conferencing, etc.

Vtiger’s Customer Portal feature:

Vtiger Extensions are the most powerful feature of Vtiger CRM. Vtiger’s customer portal extension is one of the most useful and powerful extensions. It provides features and tools to build strong connections with your clients by offering them reliable services, understanding and fulfilling their requirements, and answering their queries. The feedback section of the Customer portal can be used to get reviews from your clients, this helps in making your service better through honest feedback. The customer portal is the safest and most secure way to keep your customers up-to-date about every latest advancement.

Features of the customer portal extension:

Through the customer portals, your clients can easily access their data directly from CRM software. It offers a variety of handy features to help you grow better relations with your customers and increase your sales. Let’s discuss some of the top features of the customer portal extension:

  1. Report the issues: Within the customer portals customers can report the issues they are facing and even track the progress made on these issues. In this way, both you and your customers can solve the issue faster and have strong relations.
  2. Post Feedback: Customers can post their feedback and reviews in the customer portal.
  3. FAQ section: You can set up a FAQ section to answer your customer’s basic queries. You can also customize the FAQ section and add it to the home page to enhance the user’s working experience.
  4. Documents sharing: The customers can also share the documents with you and other team members through the customer portal.

How you can add the customer portal to your CRM:

The customer portal works in a way that it gets integrated with your CRM synching the data between Vtiger and the customer portal. Users can directly access the customer portal through Vtiger. It is not just a way to post reviews and feedback for the clients but also a tool to keep a check on your team. To use the customer portal extension, get it from any Vtiger service provider. The service providers provide the full configuration and customization of every extension. Moreover, they also provide training sessions for your team to make the most out of any plug-in.

Benefits of the customer portal extension:

The customer postal within Vtiger is a smart tool that should be added to every business that deals with clients daily and have to interact with the customers regularly. Customer portal can be beneficial for your business in many ways:

Enhanced customer relations: As you can interact with your customers more professionally and efficiently this may be a reason to enhance your customer relations.

  • Faster problem solving: Your customers can directly interact with you telling you the problem in detail this makes it easier and faster for you to solve their issues and problems.
  • 24/7 Availability: The customers can get answers to their problems and solve the issues around the clock. The basic problems can be solved with the FAQ section which is available every time.
  • Knowledge sharing: Sharing the document feature of the Customer portal lets you share important information with the whole team faster and solve issues quickly.
  • Easy access to data: As the data in Vtiger is centralized which means all the data is available in one place, it is easier for the customers to access important data conveniently.
  • Cost saving: The customer portal extension is a cost-effective and time-saving way to interact with your customers and resolve their problems.


If you are willing to add the customer portal extension to your Vtiger CRM and enhance your customer relations, interact with your clients, and solve their queries faster, the customer portal extension is just the best choice for you. If you want to add this extension to your CRM consult a trusted developer who can offer you the best Vtiger services and configure this extension to your CRM.

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