Why should basic infertility training should be provided?

About infertility.

These days many couples face infertility issues. And one of the most common reasons for this problem is pressure, stress, and an unhealthy or unnatural lifestyle. Apart from that, there are many other symptoms of infertility in males and females. Infertility may be a common problem affecting one in seven couples at some point in their life. It is generally defined as the incapability or inability of a couple to conceive after a year of unprotected sexual intercourse. However, some couples suspect they have a fertility problem within 12 months. Around 85% of couples are pregnant after 12 months of trying, while the opposite 15% will conceive in their second year of trying.

What is infertility?

Incapability to bear a child naturally, either due to the failure to conceive or the failure to carry a pregnancy to a live birth she would be classified as having infertility. The infertility process includes the stimulation of a woman’s ovaries through the employment of ovulation induction medications or fertility drugs. The treatment aims at growing the chance of pregnancy by allowing the development of 2 or 3 eggs in women who have no ovulation or irregular ovulation.

What is the importance of basic infertility training?

Infertility is not just woman’s problem. But with changing times, it turns out that males are equally infertile as females. A lot of medical conditions and various factors contribute to fertility problems and a particular case may have a single reason, several reasons, or no recognizable reason at all.

•         Today, both genders are facing the challenges of infertility. This program will provide students with an insight into a wide variety of clinical problems affecting the human reproductive system both men and women.

•         Students will gain knowledge on different techniques and various Infertility training from basic level to advance level.

•         This course which involves all the basic information about infertility like endocrinology sciences, stimulation protocols for IUI, thorough use of stimulation medications, setup of laboratory and semen processing techniques will help students understand better the field of infertility.

•         This course will provide both clinical management configurations and synopsis & management of an Infertility lab.

•         Helps in assessing your specialized, professional role and accountability within the framework of medical governance.

How IIRRH can help you in Basic infertility training.

IIRRH is recognized as the most trusted institute for basic infertility training in India. This course is mostly designed for future gynaecologists planning to begin with their practice and who want to learn more about advanced techniques and developments in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technologies. The topics included in the basic infertility training are very adapted to the specialization. This basic infertility course will deliver a basic and advanced level of theoretical and practical knowledge accurately to the clinical area of infertility, address the smallest competency needs, and provide a foundation for training.  Finally, demonstration of foundational knowledge will assist these specialists to function in their roles safely and capably, ultimately contributing to improved quality of care and patient outcomes. Our professionals in the field of basic infertility will provide you with a wide range of knowledge on the subject by conducting collective discussions, live lectures, and interactive presentations to make sure the subject is exciting as well as interesting to the students.

Content covered in basic infertility course: –

1.       Analyzation and history of an infertile couple.

2.       Basic and advance knowledge of ultrasound scanning and monitoring.

3.       Special Focus points in male and female infertility evaluation.

4.       Consent form, injection, drugs & safeguard.

5.       Practical tips and tricks. Also, repeat the hands-on sperm function test.

Add on benefits for students?

For a training institute to be effective and real, they have to have a very good solid prospectus and competent teachers. Our students are satisfied with joining one of the reputed ART training institutes in India-IIRRH.

We heard a great response from the candidates who just completed their basic infertility course from 03rd May 2021 to 08th May 2021.

1.       Materials will be provided.

2.       Certification of completion will be issued at the end of the course.

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