What is the Test Tube Baby Cost in India?

Want to know the Test Tube Baby cost in India? If yes, then you are landed on the right article. Nowadays, the number of Test Tube babies are growing in India. Due to the high success rate, many people are going towards it. But do you know the cost of this process? Does its price fits in your budget or not? In this article, we will be telling you the test tube baby cost in India. We will also give answers to some common questions related to Test Tube Babies.

Test Tube Baby Cost in India

In India, the test tube baby cost is between 90,000 to 1,90,000RS. This amount may be high or low in some conditions. It depends upon many other things. But yes, this is the average budget everyone must have before going for IVF.

Factors Affecting Test Tube Baby Cost

It is essential to know about the factors that affect the test tube baby cost. It will help you to calculate the cost of treatment quickly. Facilities of the hospital, continuous failure and fertility issues are the common factors that affect the cost.

Facilities of Hospital

Every hospital has different facilities. It is tough to find a hospital that gives top-class facilities at a low cost. You can make this choice easy for you by choosing the best IVF center in Jaipur, i.e. Aastha Fertility care. The more facilities hospital give, the more they charge. So here, you have to select the hospital according to your budget for a test-tube baby. Otherwise, it would be challenging to pay the test tube baby cost in India.

Continuous Failure

If anyone continuously fails at In vitro fertilization cycles, it will majorly affect the cost. After getting the failure at first, it requires more money to go for the second. That’s how failure during the treatment affect the cost of the Test Tube baby in India.

Infertility Issues

The treatment of having a test tube baby depends upon the infertility issue you have. So the cost is also decided upon the infertility issue that a patient has. For example, if a male cannot use his sperm because of low sperm count or any other problem. In this case, he has to go for a sperm donor or a sperm bank. It will increase your cost. So hope you understand how the infertility issue may affect the charges of test tube baby treatment.

Is Test Tube Baby Expensive in India?

Yes, it may be expensive for some people. Just like any other medical treatment, it also requires some money. It is a fact that Indian IVF clinics charge much lower than the other countries. You will notice that even people from abroad come to India to get low-cost treatment. It is the reason, nowadays clinics have two pricing sheets, one is for Indians, and the other one is for NRIs or people from other countries.

If you are having treatment in India, then you are on the safer side. You will need to pay the lowest test tube baby cost as compared to other countries. Hospitals like Aastha Fertility Care provide low-cost treatment, which does not mean low quality. Here, you will get the highest quality treatment at the lowest cost possible.

If you cannot afford the test tube baby, you can also go for a loan. A loan is the best method to pay all the money. Many banks in India provide special loans for IVF patients. People who are taking a loan for test tube baby treatment will get special medical benefits. After having a successful treatment, you can pay that loan money in easy instalments. Many people are going towards this loan culture.

Final Say

To conclude the above article, the test tube baby cost in India is between 90,000 to 1,90,000 Rs. We hope that our article helped you in your search for test tube baby costs. Hospital facilities, continuous failures, and infertility issues are some factors that affect the IVF treatment cost.

It is essential to be aware before taking any treatment. If you find this article helpful, please make sure to share it with your friends and family. If we have missed something, then please share it with us in the comment section below.

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