What causes the car engine to sound loud?


Driving your car to work is supposed to be a comfortable experience. Especially for those who yearn for a little bit of that “Me Time” that most of us forget to spare time for, given our hectic schedules and busy lives.

If you are one of those who tend to enjoy their morning coffee while listening to their all-time favourite songs in their car, we hate to inform you that the noises your car is making will get on your nerves soon.

Since it’s capable of ruining that space and leisurely time of yours.

But don’t you worry, we will help you through this situation, so you don’t hate your rides back home in the evening anymore.

First, let’s begin by discussing the most common noises cars make and their potential causes.


Not addressing car noises at the earliest can bring up expensive bills for repairs later on. Doing it within time before it gets too late is necessary.

A chugging noise oftentimes can be self-fixable as it could be a cause of many minor issues, such as a dirty air filter and faulty spark plugs. In both these scenarios, you can save yourself from the pain of going to a mechanic and paying huge bills, as these are small fixes that can be done by someone who keeps basic knowledge of automobiles.

Some major causes of chugging noises could be faulty catalytic converters, fuel injectors, etc. In such scenarios, it’s best to allow an expert to help you.


To understand better the cause of this inconvenience that you are facing, you need first to know where this sound is coming from specifically.

Your drivetrain could be a problem if you notice a humming sound, especially while driving the car.

Other problems could also be related to your drive belt or faulty exhaust system.

When you notice your car making a humming sound, the first step should be to identify whether this sound is coming from the car when it’s in motion or idle.

Figuring this out will help you take the next step more calculatedly. Used engines can be the cheapest alternative option if you are looking to replace old or damaged car parts.

Piston Noise

Weird and questionable piston noises will occur when they start wearing out and the room between them and the cylinder wall increases due to continuous use. This often creates the noise which is famous among experts by the name of “piston slap.”

Some of the most common signs of a bad piston include low mileage and a knocking noise. Unfortunately, the only way to be sure of the same is by dismantling your engine entirely, which could become a challenge for those who are not handy with cars.

Thankfully, there are professionals out there for tasks just like this. Asking for expert help, ain’t a bad idea here.


Squealing is a very annoying high-pitched sound that cars make while driving. This is not something that can be highly irritating for you and the passengers but also the others on the road.

An overheating engine is one of the most common causes of a squealing noise. Such noise results from the pressure the boiling coolant tends to create. This is one of the most complicated situations; one can not play DIY here.

Worn-out brakes can also be a potential problem here, along with faulty power steering.


We suspect faulty wheel bearings for anyone noticing weird grinding noises while turning the vehicle. The entire purpose of these bearings is to ensure that the wheels and the tires function appropriately while creating enough friction.

If your car’s wheel bearings are getting frayed with use, you might also notice vehicle handling problems with inconsistent tire treads.

However, if that’s not the case, some other most probable causes for the same can be worn-out brake pads and rotors, faulty CV joints, and old alternators.


Similar to other mentioned car noises, the clicking sound is also equally alarming and a cause of many potential problems.

If you notice recurring clicking sounds while driving the car, it could be because of low engine oil. The engine oil acts as a lubricant which helps smoothen the entire process and simultaneous operation of the metal components of the engine.

When this fluid is less in the car, the lubrication is not apt, and thus, the metal components operate with increased friction, the output of which is the clicking noises that you are hearing just now.

Note that not addressing this issue on time can, in some ways, damage the engine components, which can result in huge repair costs in the long run.


The popping sound that you are witnessing could be because of many reasons, such as loose exhaust and the wrong fuel mixture too.

A popping sound that does not go no matter what you do could be because of a faulty suspension system. The core purpose of which is to ensure smooth, comfortable rides for the driver.

Another problem could be the engine knock. This is also something very alarming as it can reduce the lifespan of your car engine significantly if left unnoticed.

Valvetrain Noise

Another very common problem that people face these days in general is a faulty valve lifter, which tends to create weird valve train noises like something is clicking. To check whether it’s your valve lifter which is causing these problems, you need to insert a gauge between the lifters. If the sound reduces, it’s probably the problem. If not, you need to plan a trip to a professional. Since it’s not a major issue which has to be addressed immediately, it can be done with time. But it’s recommended you get it done before it turns serious.


Automobiles can be tricky, and owning them comes with a lot of challenges as well as responsibilities. As we believe no one who spends so much will be willing to be negligent enough to let their money go to waste like that.

However, we do understand the unending need for help with such complicated yet admirable creations. This is why we recommend Used Engines Inc. They have the best quality used engines and transmissions in the lot for those who would like to drive their beast for a few more years.

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