3 Discontinued Car Engines that are Still in demand and Where to Buy

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During the ’90s and 2000s, automakers phased out a few engines for multiple reasons. Among them were a few of the most refined and engineering masterpieces. The primary reason for the same was the government emission guidelines. The engines that didn’t meet the emission guidelines met their end. However, the discontinuation posed a challenge for the owners of these engines. They can’t buy these engines from the manufacturer anymore. So, in this article, we’ll discuss the top 3 car engines that were discontinued and where to buy them.

Jeep 4.0 L Straight Six

The AMC-developed 4.0-liter Straight Six Powertech was largely installed in Jeep Wrangler. This engine was considered quite torquey and powerful at that time as it generated about 190 horsepower and lasted for over 200,000 miles before it needed to be replaced. This engine could function promptly even in adverse driving conditions where most engines failed to perform. Later, it was discontinued as it did not satisfy Jeep’s need for better emissions and fuel economy numbers.

Honda F20c

The Honda F20c engine debuted in 1999. This naturally aspirated 2.0-liter engine was built especially for the Honda S2000 and generated 240 horsepower through the rear wheels of the 2,800-lb sports car. However, later in 2004, Honda swapped out the F20C engine for the F22C1 version. The F22C1 version was a North American exclusive but was discontinued in 2009.

Porsche Air-Cooled Flat 6

Porsche’s legendary air-cooled flat 6 engine powered every 911 since its inception in 1963. It was the only engine to work on the VarioRam, Porsche’s patented method of varying air intake lengths as per engine demands. The intake lengthened at low RPM to improve low-end torque and shortened to improve high-end torque as RPM increased. The air-cooled engines were later discontinued because the design was limited the ability to shed heat.

Where to Buy These Engines?

The owners of a discontinued engine often struggle to get auto parts for repairs and maintenance. The struggle is twice as much if you need to replace the engine. The only way to replace a discontinued engine is to find a used car engine of the same make and model.

Used engines appear like a savior when it comes to the discontinued engine for they enable you to drive your vehicle longer than you expected. Several auto parts distributors offer used engines online. Buying a used engine online utterly eases the process as you get a good quality used engine with a warranty delivered to your doorstep without any additional cost. You can also get in touch with Used Engines Inc. if you are in a similar situation. They are one of the reputed sellers in the market.


To get better fuel-efficient engines, we had to leave a few of the greatest engineering works in the past. However, it raises an issue for the public if they need a discontinued engine. Fortunately, the used engines sellers resolve this issue as one can find a high-quality used engine that matches their requirement and have it delivered to their address without any hassles.

Written by Used Engines Inc

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