What Are Empty Leg Flights? A Comprehensive Guide

Empty Leg Flights

When you have never flown private, now may seem like the perfect time. Other than being able to enjoy a private plane by yourself, a private flight is able to provide a good amount of benefits. Some of these benefits include skipping long lines, no need to check baggage, and flying when you want. Nevertheless, when you decide to use an empty-leg flight, your plans need to be as flexible as possible and be aware of a few details first.

What Are Empty Leg Flights?

The empty leg is a flight that does not contain passengers as it is making a return flight to its point of origin. Another popular term is called “dead-head” flights. It is believed that more than half of the charter flight companies have flown empty at one point or another.

Plus, there is even a way where you can save a significant amount of money by flying private, known as empty legs. These flights are regularly discounted by a private jet charter company.

At Stratos Jet Charters, the empty leg flights can also be more than half off of the original price for a flight that is chartered. Plus, by being a member of the Stratos family, you can enjoy even more savings and take advantage of other benefits.

Besides these advantages, you also need to be aware that an empty-leg flight could get canceled after a flight is booked. This could be caused by other full-price flights getting booked or a mechanical issue developing. No matter what, when a cancellation occurs, you will be on your own to reach your destination. This is because the way an empty leg works is that a booking only occurs one way.

The Difference Between Empty Leg Charters And Normal Charters

While there are similarities between an empty leg and regular charter, such as arriving right before the plane takes off, there are some differences. With an empty leg, the flight schedules are stricter. This strictness decreases the flexibility of flight delay, and the flight will not wait for you. Also, you should not expect much catering onboard, and if there is, it will usually only include snacks or drinks as opposed to meals being served.

How Empty Leg Flights Are Booked

Although many private charter companies do not advertise their empty-leg flights, they still occur quite often because every company will try to make as much money as possible on the flights they provide. Plus, many brokers also advertise flights for a multitude of carriers. No matter how, though, the best way to enjoy a chartered flight is with a direct booking.

The Price for Empty Legs

The price for an empty-leg flight will depend on many details, such as the date, aircraft, and route. You need to remember that the prices could be at least 50% off compared to a normal charter. So if the price is $20,000 for a normal chartered flight, your empty leg would only be $10,000 or less.

You may see specials surrounding empty legs that will include the surcharges and fees involving landing and fuel. Because of you booking the jet, you are able to bring as many guests as seats allow, as well as pets. More money can be saved if you travel with the family too. This is because the price can be negotiated. Although an operator can cancel your flight, you are unable to cancel once you have booked the empty leg.

Empty Leg Flights Could Be Free

It is possible to obtain free chartered flights. The thing is, though, the flights will be available only to members of a private jet program. This is possible because the membership fee will actually cover the cost of the empty leg.

In Summary

When you are looking to save on your next private jet charter, then looking into an empty-leg flight is the way to go. Despite the need for flexibility and being prepared for possible cancellations, an empty-leg flight makes for the perfect option when traveling by private jet without having to pay full price.

Written by Camila Jackson

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