Turbocharge Your Business with An ERP Solution

Every business seeks for optimized efficiency and increased profitability. If you are the one you must know how to turbocharge your business operations for profitable success.

Automation and integration are essential parts to manage your business today besides an effective omnichannel marketing and sales strategy.

There’s simply no better and affordable way to promote your business growth then having a centralized database with real-time inventory and sales order management, seamless accounting and accurate reporting. Here comes the need of relying on a cloud-based ERP system to efficiently manage your business operations.

Besides decreased wasted time and increased efficiency, productivity and revenue generation, your selected ERP should be designed to vertically integrate with other solutions and be customizable to meet your business needs.

How ERP automation can help jack up your business growth

A fully integrated, scalable ERP solution can drive real growth by streamlining and centralizing your business data in real-time and accurately across multiple sales channels.

  • Increase your profit margin
  • Work smarter and more efficiently
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Here’s how this all could be done.

Increase turnover by:

  • Managing diverse data streams to give a tremendous boost to your business bottom line.
  • Leveraging automation to eliminate monotonous and redundant tasks (such as manual data entries and stock level checks) and thereby improve your employee’s performance and reduce your inventory and labor costs.
  • Easy data management, monitoring, and tracking of all KPIs (including stock levels and sales ratio in real-time) to strategically identify gaps and respond quickly to business opportunities.
  • Being able to quickly identify dead stock through real-time stock tracking and kitting that will help boost your sales.
  • Preventing bottlenecks in production through precise capacity planning and forecasting.

Work efficiently by:

  • Creating and viewing customized reporting dashboards.
  • Quick records availability and improved communication across all departments and making your teams more time-efficient.
  • Reducing the risk of costly mistakes and the risk of human error in your corporate data with the help of process automation.
  • Creating more accurate, customized reports and relying on real-time inventory and sales figures to make well-informed business decisions.
  • Real-time visibility of all your production data and going paperless on your shop floor.

Improve client satisfaction by:

  • Minimizing the risk of backorders and failure of customer order fulfillment.
  • Spending less time on manual tasks and paperwork and more on helping the customers.
  • Customizing all ERP features to meet consumer demands without delay.
  • Meeting quality standard requirements such as ISO/AS to deliver quality products.
  • On-time delivery and fulfillment of orders and easy management of customer returns and product warranty issues through instant support.

Wrap Up:Develop an insightful, value-based business model equipped with a flexible manufacturing ERP solution to drive cost savings and improve revenue. ERP integration is a smart way to automatically update all your data in real-time and strengthen all aspects of your business operations. MIE Trak Pro is a complete resource planning and production control software for discrete manufacturers that is designed and run to manage all departments in your company.

Written by jennywatson128

MIE Solutions is a provider of Manufacturing ERP software for job shops and custom fabricators. Available on-premises and on the Cloud. Find out more today!

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