Top Facebook Marketing Tips to Increase Holiday Sales

Christmas is right around the corner. For most people, this is a period in their lives in which they bathe their loved ones with gifts and surprises. Others arrange holidays for their family during this season. Either way, this is a tremendous season in the trade industry as the sales rate always rises.

Something about the Christmas holidays is that a lot of people still gamble among the varieties of choice. Most people have not yet made up their minds as to what to buy or book. For this reason, online marketers have a better chance of excluding many customers for their products or services. However, a strategy is required during this critical moment.

1. spreadsheet or calendar

Knowing when a specific holiday occurs is very important for any marketer. It forces someone to prepare in advance. It is important that one prepares a document or a spreadsheet that formulates a plan for each holiday. If a particular marketing company has decided to celebrate the Christmas holidays, the period in between can be used to prepare and determine the content.

Preparation results before posting a holiday offer to someone on their walls. Getting ahead of its rivals from the same industry gives it an upper hand as people rely on the initial pages offering services.

2. Visual Content

Facebook is one of those apps where people are attracted to images rather than long paragraphs. Being a medium for entertainment, people follow other people’s lives and check how life is treating them. For this reason, a marketer should know that any advertisement must have attractive images,

3. Brand History

As stated earlier, Facebook marketing is a place where people are curious about other people’s lives. Most users are always interested in someone’s past, finding out how someone rose to their particular position. Marketers should implement the same methodology to sell their brand names. If someone, for example, has a bakery page, they can inform users about their motivation to start that company.

4. Emotional Relations

Facebook has featured in the comments section by which people use facial mimicry (known as emojis) to react to your content, rather than commenting in words. When advertising your products or services, always use content that people can relate to. Let the story invoke different emotions of people. Make sure it is so thrilling that someone can end up smiling or laughing through your content. When a person relates to a story, they can tag some of their friends so that they can read one or more, and also share the URL to their friends.

5. Facebook Live

Facebook Live has become very popular. Often, people host live watch parties in groups or more live on their pages. It depends on how interesting the show is; Online viewers choose to remain the same or share for different people. However, the advancement in Facebook now gives one a chance to inform friends, family, and various groups for several hours before going live. This leaves a window for a large group of people to prepare for live video.

6. Facebook offer

During the Christmas holidays, most inlet and outlet shops offer great offers to their respected and loyal customers. This raises sales rates in addition to attracting more customers for the next year. In Facebook offers, a marketer has the option to choose the type of offer they want. Offers can be made available in stores or through online purchases. It offers to depend on one’s budget and more than that what suits the business best. However, it is a personal choice that does not need to be influenced by any other marketer.

7. Mobile-Friendship

When posting content with required images, always keep in mind that most Facebook users use their mobile phones. For this one has to select the right photo which gives a good view even in the mobile devices. People do not have time to minimize your page to view the image. They will scroll down for more engaging photos from other people.

8. Correct advertisement

In addition to advertising your business, Facebook is an excellent platform that can give people space for your shop. With mobile phones, one can access any place very fast. Another important feature is the loading speed of visuals on your page. Always make sure that downloading pictures or videos is easy. This is because people lose patience when an image or video takes longer than normal to load and leaves the page in most cases.

9. Target Audience

In most instances, just because someone visited your page once does not mean they will buy your products or services. Once

Written by James Sen

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