Top 7 Coding Apps To Learn To Program


As a developer myself, I am often asked how I could get too good at coding? Well, the answer lies, first of all, in hard-earned practice, and secondly, I can give credits to the Android applications, which have helped me a lot to code on my own. Coding is a tough job, and to master at it, you need to dedicate all your time, effort, and money.

Going to fancy institutions will surely help you to have a professional touch and a sense of management attached to it, but it is entirely up to you at the end of the day, as per how you want to learn.

How Can Apps Help You?

The key to code is to understand the underlying problem and write a solution that will work. Honestly, it can become hard to code on your own, especially if you are learning for the first time. You need not worry since there are some beautiful apps on the Play store and other platforms, which can help you to teach the entirety to code.

Top 7 coding apps to learn to program


You can call it our top pick. Grasshopper is a particular coding platform that teaches you how to code and generalize the concept of coding, while it helps you understand the basic or root of the issue and solve it. It forms at the top of this chart because of the UI and UX interface, which is a particular point that makes this app so amazing to use.

This app teaches you the fundamentals of coding. It comes with a variety of participating competitions and events so that you can get certificates and awards printed on your name. It is a wonderful app for a novice who is beginning to code.

Solo learn

Solo learn is one of the biggest coding apps which you will ever come across. There are around 900+ coders who have registered with this app and are still going strong. The thing about Solo Learn, which helps it to earn such a high place, is because of the simplicity of the app. It teaches you how to code, understanding the primary issue and cause of the problem, and come with variability of solutions. This excellent app helps you learn its and bits of coding to master it probably.


Encode is a Javascript-based Android coding app, a fantastic tool to help learn to code for beginners. It ensures that for the first-timer, coding becomes a subject of fun to learn. Many videos are enlisted on this app and help you know the basics of coding from the start.

The online videos are detailed and even come with problem-solving portions that help a kid understand the art of coding in just a few days. Plus, you can also appear for written programs and exams which are conducted by this wonderful site.


Mimo is another app that comes with multi-learning paths for enthusiastic kids. This fantastic application comes with tracks duly converted to real-life projects and used in basic coding methods. It has a lovely but straightforward interface, so you don’t have to worry if you are a first-timer. The wonderful thing about Mimo is the short videos present on this platform and helps every kid learn coding right from scratch.

Code Murai

As the name suggests, Code Murai is one such app that dwells in many machine learning languages, including JavaScript, HTML, Python, TypeScript, etc. There are many mini-lessons you can get from this app, which can help you understand the basics of coding. Plus, Code Murai has a robust interface that offers the student the idea to learn through graphics and text simultaneously. This is the reason why this app is a much-loved one among students and especially beginners.

Khan Academy

If you are into the world of online learning, then you must have heard about Khan Academy. This excellent app comes with many learning platforms for its students, and coding is such a niche present here. If you are looking for flexible learning programs, then this application is no such exception. This app is entirely free, so that you can get it from Android and even on your ios store.

Programming Hero

Programming Hero is one such app that brings you to master the idea of coding and to learn new tricks and techniques every day. The emphasis of this app is to help you teach coding at the same time and even help you to build your game so that you can launch and share it with your peers. The programming hero comes with prizes and competitions held among students to check and see who is doing their best.


These coding apps are fantastic and exceptionally knowledgeable if you are starting as a beginner. Know more about them with TechyHost. These apps can help you to know the basics of coding so that you can learn and increase your chances of mastering the art of developing games. While you can learn a thing or two from these apps, it still depends on how confident you are and how much practice you hold for everyday coding.

Written by Ellie Bennington

Ellie Bennington can usually be found reading a book, and that book will more likely than not be a romantic fantasy. Writing a novel was always on her bucket list, and soon, it will became a reality. When not absorbed in the latest heart warming page-turner, Ellie loves cooking, knits very badly, enjoys riding her Vespa around town, and otherwise spends far too much time at the computer. She lives in the States, with her sister and cute little kitten named Zazzles.

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