Top 3 Ways To Increase The Resale Value Of Used Bike Before Selling


Owing a brand new two-wheeler is something every bike enthusiast would like to have and experience a swift riding pleasure. But those who already have a used bike parked at home want to first sell the same before owning a new one.

So, as a motorcycle owner, you have two imperative decisions to make. First is selling your used two-wheeler online and second is buying a new one for your choice within a specific budget.

Here, in this blog, our focus is on selling your used motorcycle at the best reselling price, and that too at the right platform like Wheels of Trust (WOT). And before that, it is imperative on your part to increase the resale value of the used motorcycle before selling the old one.

Undoubtedly, you have a clear idea of which new motorcycle to purchase depending on your riding preference, style requirement, and budget. But for reselling your old bike, first, you need to check bike valuation online or in-person to know how much you will get.

The more value you extract from the used motorcycle, the better you will spend on the new one. Therefore, it is imperative to increase the resale value by following a few tips & tricks mentioned here.

Useful tips to increase the resale value of the used bike

1. Clean, polish, & enhance physical appearance

First thing first, it does not matter, if you own a new or an already used motorcycle, its looks matter the most to the eyes of onlookers. Especially, in the case of selling your preowned motorcycle to an interested buyer, make sure to enhance its outlook.

And to improve the outlook, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Wash it completely: As we have already mentioned, nothing matters most than the shiny-looking physical appearance of your used bike. Therefore, you must give it a pressure washer cleaning and necessary wash to remove all the dirt, dust, grease, and grim. It is essential because the new buyer will certainly look into every inch and corner of your motorcycle to know its real-time condition.
  • Polish the structure: Once you wash the motorcycle well with the help of a professional auto partner, the next step lies in giving it a nice set of polish. And that too with the help of a professional service partner. Polishing your motorcycle will help in enriching its outlook to an optimum extent and makes it appear shiny and glittering.
  • Repair the dents: Undoubtedly, no used bike can stay without having an unexpected dent or structural damage. Even your current preowned bike might have a few dents on its petrol tank, headlamp, rear, or any other side. But if you will try, then such dents can be taken out with the help of an expert repair partner.
  • Redo the paintwork: Next in the line is redoing the paintwork on dented or scratched patches of your used motorcycle. But before doing that make sure to match the current color scheme of your bike with new paint.

2. Fix the mechanical inaccuracies

It is necessary to sell your used two-wheeler in a well-maintained condition. With that means, its mechanical condition must be accurate and devoid of any broken part, repair work required, or urgent service need.

So, before doing the bike resale value check, make sure to fix the entire mechanical area of the used bike. And to do that, your key focus should be on the following mechanical points.

  • Fix & change the spark plug
  • Oiling or complete replacement of bike chain
  • The suspension must be in good condition
  • Properly balanced wheels
  • Fix the mileage accuracy
  • Repair the puncture, leakage, and broken spare parts

You have to do a complete mechanical check of the motorcycle at the authorized bike service center to find the above fixes. And seamlessly fix the same before checking its resale value online or directly at the marketplace.

3. Prepare the documentation

Another important aspect that matters the most is to increase the resale value of your existing two-wheeler. You must be having the compilation of original documents of your bike which is required by the buyer to check and change its ownership accordingly.

More on the terms of legally selling your used bike to an interested buyer, you must be having a well-documented list of bike papers. And it must include the following few things.

  • Original Registration Certificate (RC)
  • Insurance papers
  • PUC certificate
  • Service booklet
  • Previous service history papers (optional)
  • Tax certificate
  • NOC document

Certainly, the interested buyer will ask for all the relevant papers of your used motorcycle before buying the same. And must require the same to legally avail of the two-wheeler from your side.

Find the best place to sell a bike online

Now when it comes to finding an ideal platform to sell a bike online to get the desired choice of

price, then nothing seems better than the Wheels of Trust (WOT) platform. Hero Motocorp, the largest two-wheeler manufacturing brand in India has started this service offering for existing bike owners to sell their used scooter or bike online without going anywhere else.

On this platform, you can seamlessly check motorcycle value based on its overall condition and get the best value price. Not only this, the platform offers the best exchange offer while buying a new Hero motorcycle within budget.

Written by Wheelsoftrust

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