8 Great Ways to Encourage Your Preschooler’s Writing


Encouraging your child to write even before school makes it easier for them to adjust to academic life. If a child does not know how to hold a pencil until he goes to school, it takes a lot more time to start writing and recognizing the letters and numbers. As a parent, you should start teaching your children how to write even before they join the school. However, encouraging your children to write is a task, and you must make it interesting. Make sure your child does not get bored with writing. For this purpose, below are some ideas to encourage your preschoolers to write.


Let them start with creating marks on paper. They would not know what they are doing, but they will continue doing it because they do not know how to write a letter. Help them at this stage by providing them surfaces to write, like paper or a board and pencils. Give them enough space to move their hands easily and freely. Help with their hand movements; correct them by showing them how to move the pencil in circles or a straight line and make corners. This way, they will know how to hold a pencil and move it, and they will get control.

Letter Like Forms

Once they know how to hold a pencil and create marks, they will automatically start making letter-like forms. These forms will include circles, triangles, zigzags, lines, etc. This is where you will have to make them aware of the letters, such as how they can make an ‘A’ when making a triangle and an ‘O’ when making a circle. These letter-like forms will allow them to understand the letter shapes. This is like the beginning of their writing journey, but as a parent, you will have to make them practice systematically. Please do not force them at this stage, or they will lose interest in writing.

Random Letters

Your child might start writing random recognizable letters. The letters will not be perfect; there will be problems and mistakes, but do not discourage them. They might write letters all over the page. The letters might not make any sense. But at this stage, the purpose is not to write letters in sequence or make words. The only purpose is to make them write letters. Do not make the process complicated. Let them do what they want to, but if they continue creating marks, guide them. You have to be very careful with a child as they might not write again if they get frustrated or bored.

Patterned Letters

Your child will start writing letters that look like words or even sentences. However, there will be no connection between the letters because the child does not know how to create words and sentences out of letters. At this stage, help them spell words, so they know how to read their writing. Introduce them to the sequence but not too long for instance, teach them ‘A, B, C’ not more than that at a time. Once they become comfortable writing these three letters together, move to ‘D.’ If you think they are capable, introduce them to short and easy spellings like ‘Cat.’

Phonetic Spelling

Since your child is now at a stage where they can write patterned alphabets, make them connect the letters with their sounds, so they find it easier to make spellings. Tell them what sound is created with what letter and when two letters are connected to make a particular sound.

Make Writing A Game

The preschool stage has to be fun, do not make it a chore. Make them write for fun, like give them salt trays to write letters, give them crayons, etc. You can give them a writing workbook with fun writing activities. Sit with your children when they write. Their interest increases a lot when their parents are with them and not busy cooking. You can use play dough to write letters and make them recognize them. Colors, toys, and parents’ attitude will increase their interest. If writing is some work to do, it will be boring, and your child will run away.

Team Activity

When children team up like cousins, friends, or neighbors, get them into a writing activity. They will enjoy each other’s company and realize that everyone does this. Even a child with no interest in writing will participate in the activity to join others. Please give them a pencil and paper and ask them to write letters or words whatever they know. Please do not make it too competitive, but for fun, they will try to win, but it will be constructive. They will talk, look at each other’s work, get motivation, and try to write neatly and impressively.

Give Them Interesting Stationery

Kids love colorful and creative things. Give them stationery like a pencil box with their favorite cartoon character, a colorful and uniquely shaped eraser, colors, etc. If they have stuff that they like, they will enjoy using that stuff. You can even get them all the cartoon-themed stationery. Something other than the paper might also help, such as a whiteboard where the child will find it easier to erase and write again. However, do not completely rely on the whiteboard because, ultimately, your child will have to write on paper.


Use multiple strategies to make your child write. You can create activities yourself, such as making writing boxes and lines and asking them to write within. Give them interesting stuff to use while writing. You can allow them to draw and keep guiding them regarding the letters, sounds, and sequence. Do not overburden them; keep it a fun activity rather than a stressful chore. Children lose interest easily, so try to keep it fun and interesting. Allow them to do what they want, do not micromanage, and your children can write even before school.

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