Top 3 Components to Keep in Mind When Constructing a Guest House

After the COVID-19 pandemic, people became more emotional and understood the pain of living away from their families when they needed them the most. As a result, it has given rise to multigenerational families where people make more spaces for their loved ones. Be it a casita, ADU, or guest house, you can find them more commonly in San Diego, California.

But is it so easy to construct a guest house? Can you construct a guest house in your backyard right away?

A professional guest house contractor in San Diego, and this blog can answer all your questions. So read on and learn the top three components to keep in mind when constructing a guest house.

Are You Eligible for Constructing a Guest House?

While the idea of a guest house is appealing, the first thing that should come to your mind is whether you are eligible to construct a guest house. Do you have the required property size to make a guest house? Do you live in an approved area where guest house construction is legal?

As the demand for ADU is increasing in California, laws have been amended to ease up the ADU and guest house construction in several counties, including San Diego.

The new development standards for constructing a guest house in San Diego are:

  • A guest house shall be used without charging any cost and shall be used by the occupants of the main dwelling, their servants, friends, and family.
  • The guest house is only permitted in A-1 and R-1 zones where an owner-occupied single-family dwelling exists.
  • The guest house is only permissible on land whose legal parcel is at least 20000 square feet in size.
  • The guest house should be constructed in the backyard, not in front or side yards.
  • The guest house cannot have a kitchen or wet bar facilities. It also does not have separate driveway access.
  • The maximum floor area for a guest house is 500 square feet.
  • The guest house shall meet all construction standards.

So, if you can meet all the eligibility standards, you are in for a guest house construction.


A 500 square feet area might seem like a small place, but it can cause a hole in your pocket if you are not careful, especially if you don’t hire a guest house contractor in San Diego. Constructing a guest house costs between $100000- $250000. And if you wish to add any additional attributes, the cost can go up.

Now, why is it important to hire a guest house contractor?

A guest house contractor knows what goes into building a perfect guest house that is within the construction standards, and if your desired design or layout is not within limits, he can guide you further. In addition, guest house contractors have contacts that allow them to procure construction materials at competitive prices. Lastly, their expertise and knowledge also play a crucial role.

On the other hand, if you undertake guest house construction in your own hands, there are certain problems that you might face. First, it sounds exhilarating to start constructing the guest house, but as time passes, you lose interest, and a project that can be finished in one or two months, can get stretched to even years. In addition, you don’t always have surplus time to work on your guest house project.

Second, you might violate construction standards which is quite common if you are not a professional. Violating laws can get you in trouble, and you might need to pay fines and penalties.

Lastly, you will likely exceed your reasonable budget for constructing a guest house. The reason is you don’t have the required knowledge of material quality and prices.

So, if you want to construct a guest house within budget and rules, hiring a guest house contractor in San Diego is best.

Design/ Layout of Guest House

Most people confuse a guest house with an ADU, but an ADU is a separate dwelling with a separate kitchen, a feature that significantly differs.

So, when designing a guest house, ensure to incorporate the following ideas into the design.

  • Keep the ceiling high and let the natural light flood the space. Since most houses are made east-facing, and a guest house is constructed into a backyard, design it in a way, so it gets the most natural light.
  • A guest house has its own pathway to lead out of the house. You can incorporate a low balcony opening up to the lawn and allowing some outdoor space.
  • A guest house must have a living room, a bedroom, and a bathroom. A sitting area with a TV will make it even more appealing.
  • Keep the interior colors soft, welcoming, and warm. Natural tones like silver grey, pale blue, and cotton candy pink are some of the choices.
  • Ensure that the guest house has enough storage units. A guest house should not be as cramped as a cheap hotel room. It should be airy, welcoming, and open for the guests to settle comfortably. Use the space as closets and storage cabinets. It would be most appreciated if you could create a sitting area or love seats for the couples.
  • Most importantly, your guest house should look like an extended part of your main home. For example, if you have a modern design for your main dwelling, use the same pattern for your guest house. So your guests feel as if they are a part of your main home.


Guest house construction becomes easy when you have an expert to guide you along the way. Thus, it is advised that you hire a guest house contractor in San Diego to undertake your guest house construction project. So you can have the peace of mind that your project is in professional hands.

Written by John Hayes

House to Home is a convergence of customer-centric focused strategy, creative solution-based design, and expert quality craftsmanship This trifecta approach within our industry transforms House to Home into more than just a general design-build contractor. We are your customer experience home building and remodeling solutions partner; a powerful nexus of knowledge, experience, and industry foresight that delivers on our promises and meets our customers' expectations.


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