Tips to Teach the IELTS Listening Section to Students Perfectly

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You can’t be considered an expert in the English language till you don’t give proof of your proficiency in understanding spoken English. Even to ace the IELTS exam, you have a listening section awaiting you to give proof of your expertise in understanding spoken English.

Well, are you a teacher looking for mind-blowing tips to teach the listening test of the IELTS exam? If yes, then you are at the right palace as this article will acquaint you with some exceptional tips that can help you teach the IELTS listening section in a more enhanced way.

You can take your mock tests for the IELTS exam to have an idea of what the IELTS listening section focuses on. Well, you can also appear for the exam to gain more clarity. To your kind knowledge, the IELTS exam date is booked through the official web portal of the exam governing body after checking the available exam dates.

Before going ahead, let us tell you that the examiner will give you four videos to check your expertise in understanding spoken English. The audio that the test takers will receive would be in the following format:

Audio 1: exchange of dialogues between at least two people in the social context

Audio 2: a monologue on an ordinary topic

Audio 3: a discussion on an academic topic

Audio 4: a monologue on a regular topic

Take a look at the following pointers to have an idea of excellent tips to Teach the IELTS Listening Section to Students perfectly:


Enhance vocabulary and pronunciation

You can’t gain proficiency in understanding spoken English till you don’t get familiar with the English vocabulary and its pronunciation. Acquaint yourself with the exact pronunciation of the words in the English language. Get your mind free from all the chains of negative thoughts while listening. Moreover, listen to the words being said in the movies, audiobooks, or news podcasts as this will help you know the pronunciation of the different words in the best possible way. Also, while learning new words, take a glance at the pronunciation of the words as well.

Be a good listener

There is no denying the fact that you need to be a good listener to be a good speaker. You have to understand that enhancing listening skills is a must to communicate well. Only then, do you have to give your response. There are a plethora of sources that can help you biome an excellent listener. Accept it or not, without being a good listener, you can’t community with other people well.

Understand the questions correctly

You must know that you will get some questions to answer at the end of every audio. The questions will have a direct association with the audio you will receive. If you have listened to the audio carefully then, you can easily give the right answer. But we advise that you must give your answer after listening to the complete question. Because the question can be trickiest and you can’t rewind the audio to double-check what you have listened to. Thus, be alert and listen to the complete question first. Only then, move on to give your answer.

Time management

You need to pay attention to help the students manage their time while appearing for the listening section of the IELTS exam. Even mismanagement of a second can divert their attention from the audio. Thus, making them mark the wrong answer. You have to teach them how to continue listening to the rest of the audio if they have skipped a part of it. Teach them the concepts of time management by making them work practically. Select some sample audio and inspire them to listen to them. Let them experience it as if they are listening to the audio in the real exams. This will also boost their confidence in them.

Do you have plans to access your listening proficiency in the English language through the real exam? If yes, then let us tell you that you can opt to appear for the mock test conducted by the IELTS training institution for free. However, if you are strongly determined to take the exam then, book the IELTS/ PTE exam dates from the official website of the exam governing body.


To teach your students, you must try to become proficient in the field first. You can’t expect yourself to be perfect but you can try to be proficient in the field you are working in. Don’t stress yourself as practice and patience can do miracles.

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