Things you need to know about eCommerce web development

Technology is a big part of our daily lives since it has been around for a long period of time and has greatly affected how we do our daily routine. We heavily rely on the perks and benefits of technology to carry out the daily tasks that we have to do. It is everywhere from the moment we wake up while living the day, and up until we close our eyes. During the day, we use technology-driven apps to do errands and address our needs. For example, we can now shop for products, hail a cab, book a flight, order food, and send money through these various apps and online stores.

One of the most influential parts of our daily lives is the way we shop and transact. Technology has changed the way we shop and buy things, even the most basic ones. Before, we are used to going to physical stores to be able to purchase what we need. Today, every single thing is one click away. We can order, pay, and process everything with the help of technological devices. The online shops that make these transactions possible are called eCommerce websites.

What is an eCommerce website?

E-Commerce is also known as electronic commerce or online commerce. It is the way of buying and selling goods and services using the internet. It is the transaction of exchanging goods and services for money through online servicing. This is very popular nowadays as it fits the busy lifestyle of many individuals. It has made multitasking easier as you can now shop for your groceries online while on the bus or even at the office. Two of the biggest eCommerce websites are eBay and Amazon which make online shopping more accessible.

People usually confuse a company website with an eCommerce website since they’re both hosted online. A company website usually just contains the company information such as mission, vision, product description, and contact information. However, the eCommerce website allows consumers to go through with the transaction. The eCommerce website sector is too crowded because it is easily accessible and affordable. That is why a carefully planned eCommerce web development is a must to stand out and be effective. There are various types of eCommerce to choose from when you go through eCommerce web development

Types of eCommerce website

B2C online stores

This is a type of eCommerce which aims to directly offer products to individual customers. For example, you buy a pair of shoes and a piece of clothing from a B2C online store. This is usually the direct transaction between the buyer and the seller.

B2B eCommerce platforms

This is used to promote a business to another business. It is used to target a wider audience for your business through a platform. They are usually used to reach international targets.

C2C eCommerce stores

This is where a consumer sells a product to another consumer through the said platform. For example, you can sell secondhand furniture through stores like eBay and Carousel.

Tips for a successful eCommerce web development

#1 Define your product and eCommerce type

To start your eCommerce web development, you must first define the kind of product that you are offering. This will define the next steps that you have to do for your eCommerce web. There are different things you have to do when you are selling different products. For example, there is a different niche for clothes and there is a different one when you want to sell raw materials. This would also define the kind of platforms you should be marketing in.

From this, you can define the kind of eCommerce web that is applicable to your product. This way you can market your product accordingly.

#2 Plan it out

When you are deciding on which kind of things you are selling and the type of eCommerce that is applicable, you now have to plan the budget, design, and other necessary aspects of the eCommerce web development. Your budget must be reasonable and practical. Having an eCommerce web is categorized under the logistics aspect of your business, that is why it is important to account for this expense accordingly.

Another thing that you just decide on is the kind of design that is appropriate for the product that you are selling. The design of the website is important as the surface will make the first impression on your customers. The first thing that they will see would define whether you can convert the traffic into sales. This is why good eCommerce web development is important.

#3 Make it more accessible

Nowadays, there are many mediums to access eCommerce websites. Mobile phones usage is the most popular now. This is because it is more accessible and convenient than laptops or other devices. Mobile phones give more accessibility as it is handier. That is why making your eCommerce website available on mobile phones is a vital part of eCommerce web development. Having it on a mobile phone increases your reach.

#4 Promote your eCommerce website

Having a successful eCommerce website development does not end after your website is up. To gauge the success of your website, it must have a high conversion rate. This means that those who visit your eCommerce store must be willing to purchase your products as they found your website appealing. One of the things you can do to ensure this is to market your website through various marketing platforms.

#5 Hire a developer

Ecommerce web development requires experts, that is why at the end of the day, hiring professionals or developers is still more advisable. There are many credible and good eCommerce web developers in Singapore.

Know more

It pays to know more about ecommerce website development. Thinking of venturing online it would be helpful to have an eCommerce website. A great eCommerce usually depends on trained professionals a business owner will hire. In Wiz Marketing, we would like to invite you and let’s talk about your upcoming eCommerce website.

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