The second season of Apex Legends brings news


A new playable character, qualifying gaming a renewed battle pass, is among the main novelties that seek to relaunch the game.

The second season of Apex Legends has arrived and, with it, endless news with a view to recovering a good part of the players who left disenchanted by the lack of updates and new challenges.

The game started very well. There was even talk that there would be a good chance of, if not unseating, at least matching the impact of its direct competitor in the battle royale genre: Fortnite. The reason? It added more ins and outs to the gameplay: characters with different abilities, the possibility of reviving at some points on the map, and a much more collective game.

Among the many novelties in the second season, known as Battle Charge, is the new legend, Wattson, the new battle pass with much more varied challenges, new weapons, and substantial changes to the game map, the Canyon of the Kings

Apex Legends 2

Wattson, Natalie Paquette, is the 10th legend on the Apex Legends roster, in addition to Bangalore, Bloodhound, Caustic, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Mirage, Octane, Pathfinder, and Wraith. This young woman of 22 has become the number 10 character in the universe, also known because her father is an illustrious director of electrical engineering in the game.

His tactical ability is perimeter security, with which he connects nodes to create electrified fences that damage and slow enemies. It is very useful for zoning (limiting rival movement) and creating spaces for your team, as well as for securing the perimeter of looting spaces.

The passive ability is known as sparks of awesomeness and has the benefit of fully charging the ultimate. Being close to interceptor towers speeds up reload speed, so it’s good for squads to move to places that have him close to get the most out of Wattson.

Her ultimate ability is an interceptor tower, with which she places a device that destroys all explosives fired at her and heals damaged shields while intact. Wattson is a support that can save the whole team from more than one jam.

EA Play y las ranked 1.0

The second season of Apex Legends will bring with it a new battle mode: the ranked, that is, the qualifying games, in which players will be rated based on the level they show in the games.

The levels to be reached will be, in order from lowest to highest: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and Apex Predator. Each of them will grant different rewards at the end of the season, such as weapon skins, different costumes, etc.

Something that the public had been asking for months was the renewal of the Battle Pass, which would incorporate new challenges that would not make it so monotonous and encourage it to finish.

It now brings with it new quests, three new content categories, rewards (over 100!), more legendary skins, and the ability to acquire crafting metals.

Apex Legends Armory

Something that will give a lot to talk about will be the new weapon, L-STAR, which can only be obtained from airdrops. This is a kind of energy machine gun that fires strong projectiles that, although it overloads if held for a long time, deals a lot of damage.

Regarding the armament there are also small changes: the space occupied by the shotgun magazines has been increased (16 per slot) and the energy ones have been reduced (80), in addition to reducing the impact of the electro star.

In addition, to increase the use of a priori less effective weapons, modifications have been added to them, such as new accessories that increase the damage they do or their aim: Mozambique, the P-2020, the Triple Take, and the Flatline are now supposedly better.

The map, one of the strong points of Apex Legends, will also undergo slight modifications, such as the incorporation of leviathans, a species of dinosaurs that travel the confines of the universe and that, if they crush you, will kill you directly. There are also flying bugs that carry chests with good rewards: you just have to aim and shoot to make them fall and enjoy looting.

The Cage replaces Bridges as well as the Cascades to Containment. These environments are completely renewed to increase the diversity of the environments and the players have to get used to new spaces. This is where one of the game’s strengths lies.

Each location has its differences from the other and the adaptation of the teams to it can decide the victory of one or the other side. Moving between these based on the movement of the storm will be essential to survive and take the game.

What also changes is the storm, that is, the playable mechanism by which the game forces the surviving players to concentrate on an area of the map as the game progresses so that it does not drag on. Now moves faster and deals more damage per tick, up to 25% of your life on round 8.

All these changes, aimed at bringing back all the players who marveled at the game, have not yet achieved their expected result, although there is still time to assess everything that has been done and that the updates that come out polish the concept of the game. play. All in all, the public has received the start of season 2 in a good way, as can be seen on Social Networks.

What may not be a coincidence is that coinciding with its exit ramp, shares of Electronic Arts have fallen from $103.19 to $93.6.

Apex Legends is not a game that requires a very powerful computer to enjoy it. Even so, for the experience to be the best possible, it is advisable to have a good quality graphic. If you already have it and you don’t want any problem this summer to prevent you from enjoying one of the best Battle Royale on the market, make sure your house and your most precious objects are protected from any inconvenience.


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