The Art of Time Blocking: Craft Your Ideal Daily Routine

What is focus keeper?

Are you the one face a lot of distraction while doing a particular task? Or are you the one who ends up wasting your time and still unable complete your task? Then app known as Focus Keeper will help you a lot that is a Pomodoro technique app. The app will assist you in managing your time in both desktop and your smartphone. You can even customize this app according to your need and this will enhance your focus to a great extent. It works by using Pomodoro technique specifically which is a method of time management specialized for its productivity enhancing capability of its users.

Imperative role of the Pomodoro technique toenhance everyday working:

This technique was originated in 1980s that was a new time management ideology created by FrancescoCirillo. It refers to dividing work or task in short time periods of basically 25 minutes along with the relax breaks. The technique controls the natural human mind’s rhythm in an effective manner.The technique is designed in this way to enhance the productivity or creativity in the work period or by refreshing the mind for brief moments of break that increases the motivation level also.

The app is basically the new version of the Pomodoro Technique. It manages your quality time in an impressive way for a certain task and divide your task in short interval that will provide a chance to focus and relax simultaneously. This technique can help the users in various tasks by enhancing the productivity and creativity level of an individual, as focusing gives a boost of productivity. It is also designed to help students who lack the power of concentration and provides the chance to relax at the same time in breaks.

How to utilize it to maintain focus?

While studying or performing an important task, most individual have to face several type of distractions and they can’t complete their tasks without anyone’s help but this can be annoying sometime for them or the other so by working in this way students can focus on their home works or employees can complete their required tasks on time without any distractions. However, you can use this by the help of following description and make your life even more convenient:

  1. Start by setting a task that you want to accomplish.
  2. Then move forward to set your timer for 25 minutes or you can also set it according to your requirement.
  3. Maintain your focus for the working interval.
  4. You will hear the ringing of your alarm, that alerts you for your refreshment break of 5 minutes and then you can look away from your screen and refresh for a while.
  5. After the break, again startworking in the focus mode.
  6. When you accomplish four working intervals, than take a bit longer refreshing break of 15 to 30 minutes approximately.

What are the benefits of focus session?

The focus session brings plethora of benefits in your work life or student life by maintaining your focus,elevating their burden of work, minimizing the risk getting zone out.The focus session has helped plethora of people and received uncountable positive reviews from the time of its establishment to the time of today, it never fails to fascinate its users. Few of it’s benefits are given below:

Customize your work intervals or breaks:

This method of learning lets it’s users to enhance their work patterns by arranging it in a personalized manner. Users have the benefit of customize their way of work by setting or changing the standard time intervals of work or break given in the app. They can personalize it according to their free time, sparing some time for their recreational activities or can do the motivated or focused work.

Distinctive task management:

Users can manage their various tasks, no matter how long their work is in the designated time blocks with the task management feature of focus keeper app. The students will have the chance to work smart or effective and accomplish their work before the deadlines on time.

Facility to work by the help of any device:

The users can work by the aid of their devives no matter what they carry or bring they can get help perfectly and maintain their work schedules or commitments on time,no matter wherever they go, this will be always at your assistance.

Integrates perfectly into the user’s routine:

Utilizing the Pomodoro technique,the app facilitates its users to work with a constant flow in short intervals. The technique enables the user’s productivity or avoid distraction in any situation no matter you are in a library or in aground.

Minimize the burnout:

Getting zone out is the problem of many students or employees nowadays because of social media or their other unnecessary recreational activities. However, the app plays a vital role in fixing the issue for its users by minimizing the burnout or procrastination.

Tips for maximum focus:

Users can maximize their productivity, creativity or focus even more by following the tips that are described bed below:

  • Set proper tasks to accomplish
  • Take regular breaks
  • Don’t get distracted easily

The students or employees with a lot of work should definitely try it once, to enhance your working style or increase your productivity level and gets their work done without worrying a lot or wasting their crucial time.

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