Smart TV App Development: Cost, Features, and Benefits

Smart TV Market Overview

In 2018, around 70% of TVs shipped worldwide were smart TVs. The number has only increased in 2019 and 2020.

The demand for OTT platforms has also aided in the rise of smart TVs. Some of the key stats that suggest the increase in demand for smart TVs are as follows:

  • The number of TV units shipped worldwide in 2021 is 223 million. Since the number of TV units shipped worldwide is increasing, the number of smart TVs is also increasing.
  • In the USA, 60% of households use at least one smart TV.
  • Around 40% of smart TVs use android as their operating system.

Are you searching for a TV app builder for streaming video content on smart TVs? Read on to know about OTT app development for smart TVs.

What Are OTT TV Apps?

Smart TV apps are working applications that run on an internet-enabled TV. Just like smartphones, smart TVs also have an operating system. For example, smart TVs from Samsung, Sony, and many other companies use an operating system. OTT platform providers can target smart TVs via native applications specifically developed for them. With the help of the internet, smart TVs can access content from OTT apps.

Users are now looking for multi-faceted smart TV apps with an intuitive interface. Firms have already understood the importance of collecting revenue by providing streaming services. Now, TV app developers are focusing on creating robust smart TV apps.

Pros of Smart TV App Development 

With smart TVs, users can stream web content on demand. Unlike traditional cable TV, a smart TV can have OTT apps and provide a flexible streaming experience. Smart TV apps make it easy for viewers to access web content. The publishers can also distribute video content easily with the aid of smart TV apps. With native smart TV apps, users can search for any particular content easily. They can also switch from a smart TV to a smartphone with the aid of designated OTT apps. TV app development companies are trying to tap the huge market of smart TV users with multi-functional apps.

Must-have Features in Smart TV Apps 

Some of the key features to consider during smart TV application development are as follows:

1. User-friendly

Your smart TV app should be easy to use with enhanced accessibility. The UI/UX design should enable users to find function points easily. With an intuitive interface, you can attract customers to your smart TV app. Customers do not prefer a complex smart TV app that takes a longer time to load. Make sure that the contents of your smart TV app load quickly to facilitate the users. Easy navigation is another feature that customers look for before choosing a smart TV OTT app.

2. Recommendations System 

Users always look for smart recommendations in a smart TV app. The smart recommendations system studies user preferences and behavior. It aids in increasing the screen time of users on your smart TV app.

3. Media Player 

Your smart TV app should have an integrated media player that lets users consume audio/video content on their smart TVs. An integrated media player will allow users to stream web content on big screens besides their smartphones. If you are targeting multiple devices via your web content, it is better to develop a multi-faceted media player. A multi-faceted media player will be compatible with different devices like smart TVs and smartphones.

4. Remote Controlling Feature

Just like a traditional TV set, users love to operate a smart TV with a remote. You need to create a smart TV app that can be navigated via a remote. Your smart TV app must be compatible with the button on the remote. You can also provide a navigation manual so that users do not face any difficulty. A seamless navigation experience will help in retaining customers for your smart TV app.

5. Security Features

You may also provide original web content via your smart TV app. You need to safeguard your original web content from being duplicated. For example, OTT solutions use the DRM (Data Rights Management) system to make sure their content cannot be duplicated. Besides safeguarding your web content, you also need to provide a safe streaming experience to your viewers. You need to adopt the latest technologies for ensuring the security of your smart TV app.

6. Content Segmentation

Content segmentation provides a better user experience for your smart TV app. You need to segment your web content based on various topics. Some popular topics based on which the content is segmented are genre, language, rating, actor, popularity, and year of release.

7. Ratings & Reviews

You should always allow users to submit their reviews about any particular content on your smart TV app. Users prefer to watch top-rated web content that has been rated highly by other users. It also increases user engagement on your smart TV app. Smart TV app development services use the ratings and reviews to popularize their web content.

8. Omnichannel Experience & Multi-lingual Support 

Your smart TV app should also be compatible with other devices besides a smart TV like, a smartphone and PC. You should also focus on creating a smart TV app that provides web content in multiple languages. Providing web content in multiple languages will help in enhancing your reach.

What Is the Cost of Smart TV App Development?

The costing for smart TV app development will depend on numerous factors that are:

  • Chosen tech stack
  • Chosen OS
  • Chosen standard of UI/UX design
  • Location of the smart TV app development company

On average, the cost of smart TV app development can range from USD 20,000 to 40,000.


There are many smart TV app development companies in the market. You need to choose white-label smart TV app development that lets you create a branded app. Launch your smart TV app now!

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