Roles and Responsibilities of an Inside Sales Agent

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If you’re in the real estate industry, you must know that the business is all about finding the best leads. The type of leads you have indirectly determines your company’s revenue and the commissions you will be earning.

Converting the leads is a second part of the business, but generating the best ones is the first and foremost. Without leads, the business is nothing.

However, once your real estate business picks up some steam, generating leads becomes challenging as you get too busy dealing with clients, and the influx of clients takes a back seat.

This is why you need to hire inside sales agents for real estate agencies. Getting the best team enables you to scale up the ladder and take your business to new heights.

If you need to learn, what does an inside sales agent do? Then there are their job responsibilities and who they are.


  1. Who are inside sales agents?

In the industry, they are referred to as ISA.

These agents are omnipresent in various industries, be it finance, marketing, or real estate. ISA agents are the one that makes the working of an outbound sales agent much easier.

During their normal-working day, an ISA agent will answer any inbound calls, and depending upon your specific needs, they may even partake in cold calling. Their means of communication are not limited to phone calls, as they can even communicate through E-mail or other channels to vet incoming leads.

It is best only to hire licensed salespersons as you can be assured that you will get the best possible talent on the team.


  1. Roles and responsibilities of an ISA agent

An ISA agent’s exact roles and responsibilities vary according to their organization. But here are some typical responsibilities of inside sales agents real estate.


  • Lead Qualification

As inside sales agents, they will be responsible for vetting the leads that have come through various sources. The leads are often unfiltered, and there might be such leads that will never prove fruitful or might be suspicious. It is their job to go through and vet the leads to prevent any wastage of resources.

Some of the best sources through which leads are generated are networking, social media, flier distribution, and postcard campaigns.

Once the leads have been verified, they will be sent across to the agents, from where they will initiate conversations with the prospects and take the process further.


  • Prospecting

Prospecting involves extensive market research to identify potential and hot leads.

They will fish for leads through various sources, such as going through listings of sale by owner properties and reaching out to them as potential prospects since they are actively pursuing selling their home.

  • Follow up

No matter where the leads or the prospects are in the sale cycle, constantly following up with them is an essential element of the sales process. There are times when the clients may forget about you, or they might get busy with their lives. So, an ISA agent’s responsibility is to initiate constant follow-up to keep the conversation open. It is crucial because if the line of communication is broken, the prospect might choose a competitor.

These are some crucial roles and responsibilities of an inside sales agent. They are crucial to any organization and can make the company’s inner workings much smoother.

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