Reasons why New Yorkers absolutely love self storage

New Yorkers are a very interesting kind of people. They like cheap pizza and cold beer. They really like working hard and telling people about their ethnicity. But, if there is something that they really love, it’s telling people why they are right and using self-storage units. Now, at first, this might seem a bit off. Surely everyone likes using a self-storage unit when they are needed. Well, there are countless reasons why New Yorkers absolutely love self-storage. And, to help you understand them better, we are going to go through them one by one.

Top reasons why New Yorkers absolutely love self-storage

As you might have guessed, there isn’t some magical reason why New Yorkers opt for using self-storage units so much. Once you consider NYC and the day-to-day life people live here, you will soon realize why New Yorkers absolutely love self-storage.


The great thing about storage companies in NYC is that there is a lot of them. There doesn’t seem to be an NYC neighborhood that doesn’t have one within the walking distance. And, as you will learn in any basic economics class, the higher the supply the cheaper the cost. So, the sheer number of storage companies in NYC makes most of them quite cost-effective. Our friends from U. Santini Moving and Storage are the best proof that low cost can mean great quality. Whether you are downsizing your apartment or trying to relocate, using a storage unit is usually the best way to handle it.

Easy of access

Since storage companies in NYC are numerous and well dispersed, this makes them easy to access. Don’t have a car or a van and you want to transport your items to a self-storage unit? No problem. Simply find the one nearest to you, and you’ll probably be able to carry your items there. There is no need for you to leave NYC as some others do due to the lack of space.

Add to this the fact that most storage companies in NYC have figured out how to make their units as accessible as possible. After all, the competition is steep. This is why storage companies are forced to maximizes both the utility and ease of access to their storage facilities. Much more than companies do in smaller cities. So, rest assured that a standard NYC storage company will have the most optimized system for storage possible.

Easy relocation

So, how to New Yorkers use these numerous, easy to access storage facilities? Well, one of the most common ways is for relocation. After all, a standard New Yorker will move a couple of times in NYC while living here. Be it for a better job, or simply to live in a better apartment, you’d be hard-pressed to find a New Yorker that hasn’t moved at least once. And the thing that makes every relocation easier to manage is self-storage. With it, you can easily organize your relocation and give yourself some time to find the best crew out there for your move. In tight situations like last-minute moving, this can be terribly important.

Hassle-free usage

But, let’s say that you need to use a storage facility, but you don’t want to go through the hassle of packing and transporting your items. Well, don’t worry. One of the reasons why New Yorkers absolutely love self-storage is that most self-storage companies also offer packing and moving services. By hiring them you can rest easy and let them tackle the whole ordeal. This is another reason why relocating in NYC is easiest with a full-service moving company helping you out.


Most New Yorkers live in small apartments. Sure, some do live in those luxurious ones that have a view of Central Park. But, most are stuck in relatively small, snug apartments. And, as it turns out, it is surprisingly easy to make those apartments cluttered. So, it should come as no surprise that one of the reasons why New Yorkers absolutely love self-storage is because it allows them to declutter their apartments with ease. Be it that they are doing so short term in order to host a party. Or long term, in order to properly downsize and perhaps relocate to a smaller apartment. In both cases, it is the affordability and ease of access to storage facilities in NYC that make this easy and efficient.


If there is one thing you can call New Yorkers it’s creative. There is hardly a place on earth where you will find as many young, creative, and hardworking people. This leads to a lot of them becoming entrepreneurs and seeking to develop their ideas. As it turns out, this can be quite difficult to do from a small NYC apartment. And getting a proper commercial space is way above their budget. So, what do young NYC entrepreneurs do? They turn towards self-storage units.

One of the best things about self-storage units is that they make great makeshift studios. By owning one a person can easily place all of their tools and supplies in an easy to access, easy to clean space. This is easily one of the cheapest workplace solutions if working from home is not an option. Plus, if you find a storage company that usually caters to entrepreneurs, you can easily set up your storage unit to be an effective manufacturing station. And when you put everything that you don’t currently need at home into a storage unit, you will have more room for home decoration.

Small business commercial storage

Once in a while, an entrepreneur will actually manage to grow their business. Once that happens, they might even be able to afford to rent commercial space and have a true office. But, there is rarely a business out there that doesn’t require some form of long-term storage. Well, this is another aspect where self-storage units help out. Since they are cheaper than standard commercial storage, they are an excellent way for small businesses to avoid clutter. Doing so is even more important than keeping an apartment decluttered.

Final thoughts

The core reason why New Yorkers absolutely love self-storage boils down to two aspects. First, it’s the availability of storage companies throughout NYC. And second, it is the lifestyle of regular New Yorkers that can often be made easier or at least more efficient with self-storage. Combine the two, and you will easily see why your average NYC resident will often use self-storage.

Written by Betty White

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