Preparation & Strategy For UPSC CSE Interview 2022

In order to Qualify UPSC CSE, Civil Services Aspirants Qualified in Mains i.e. the second stage of Exam needs to appear in the third and final stage i.e. Interview, Post which the Commission declares the final result. The Interview carries 275 marks and marks secured by the Candidate are considered for the Preparation of the Final Merit List. Hence one must not take it with the casual approach as it is not merely qualifying like that of CSAT. So, it will always be better if one Perform better in Interview and secure good Marks.

The objective of this blog is to impart some key aspects pertaining to Interviews. After reading it one can understand the types of Questions asked in the UPSC  Interview  & its Preparation Planning & Strategy.

Through Interviews, UPSC CSE evaluates candidates’ overall Personalities. It is not merely the test of one knowledge but the way one answers to Board’s Questions, how one handles the Questions which is new to him, and the analytical skills of Candidates are also being checked in this Process.

Generally, the Board frames Questions from the DAF (Detailed Application Form) of the Candidates however it also depends on the ongoing discussion between the Board and the Candidates. The Candidate is expected to be aware of some key data pertaining to literacy rate, Government schemes implementation, Problems & challenges faced by People in general in his state & Districts, and others in addition to recent developments with respect to Current Affairs of National & International Importance. One must have his basic fundamentals clear with respect to his Subjects in his Graduation. If someone has been working or was associated with some organization, they may face some questions with respect to their Job as well. We have witnessed the Board Put some Questions pertaining to Candidates’ hobbies as well. Let us discuss the mentioned Points in detail below:

Coaching Institutes are providing Mock Interview which helps candidate experience similar situation to that of the UPSC board. One must do some mocks before appearing final mock Interview. It helps but the focus should be on one’s strengths and not weaknesses.

 Interview Planning Process & Strategy:

As mentioned above though the Interview is the third and final stage Preparation should start along with the Preparation of Prelims.

One should honestly note down one’s strength & Weakness and starts overcoming weakness. Some habits like reading newspapers, discussion among a group of 4-5 students of a similar intelligence level, working on communication skills if not good and others will enable students to boost confidence and eventually will perform better in Interviews.

Refresh Current Affairs

In a Newspaper one may read an editorial; it helps in knowing the analysis of the respective editor with respect to important events of National and International issues. Also, there are some decent channels like Rajya Sabha TV where discussion on some burning issues is held among prominent Personalities some of them are Ex-Bureaucrats and others. One may watch those episodes and formulate their own opinion about the issue. It helps in developing cognitive intelligence.

Refresh Optional Subject & Bachelor’s Degree Subject:

In Interview One may face questions from optional Subjects opted in UPSC CSE Main Exam & one’s Bachelor’s Degree Subject. So, it would be good if one refresh all this stuff.


One must mention one’s hobby correctly in DAF because you may be asked questions with respect to it as well. If one has not been aware of it, try to know your hobby. A hobby is that activity which one loves doing in his free time. Try to Know what you love doing in your free time. If someone has a hobby like Teaching, gather all information related to education and teaching. Questions that can be framed from this hobby may include Dr. S. Radha Krishnan, Teacher’s Day, ranking of colleges & Universities in India / Internationally, Gross enrollment ratio, important Academic Bodies, and other related matters to Education. Similarly one must prepare oneself all the related facts to that hobby.

Mock Practice:

These days there have been various coaching Institutes that Provide Interview Guidance Programs and Mock Interview Practices. One may plan to attend these programs. These Programs are shorter in duration & also the fee for this Program is marginally very low or free of cost. So, one may enroll in this program at 2-3 Coaching Institutes and attend Mock Interviews. After Mock, the Board provides you feedback. These Feedbacks help the Candidate to improve further.

After all, one must be aware of all those things mentioned in DAF. One must not take Panic and Keep Calm. And be sure the Board will not ask anything other than DAF. The Board Knows the Candidate is not THE BRAHMA (God has the solution to each Problem) and be Cool and have faith in yourself.



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