Best Ford Diesel Engines to Buy with Ford Truck

Has it ever occurred to you to buy a Ford truck with a diesel engine…? To receive maximum benefit from your Ford truck engines, you must first understand which type of gas will be more beneficial. Once you get acquainted with the advantages of the diesel engine over the gasoline engine, your interest will lean towards considering the best ford diesel engine for sale, instead of the gasoline.

The reason for the likeliness of the diesel engine is its toughness. The big size of the diesel engine turns out to be the best fit for the bigger vehicle like the Ford trucks. Plus, the appreciation for diesel engines comes from their superior durability and excellent fuel efficiency.

In this article, a few of the superior types of diesel engines will be discussed which will help you in making your purchase decision for “Ford truck engines” easy. Giving thought to the purchase of a super-duty ford truck with a reliable diesel engine will certainly be an impressive choice to make.

Before jumping to the different variants of the Ford diesel engines, let’s see the differences between a diesel engine and a gasoline engine.

Difference between Diesel Engine and Gasoline Engine

Both diesel and gasoline are the fractional distillates of petroleum oil. While diesel is refined to be injected into compressed air, gasoline is formulated to resist igniting until a spark is given. The excessiveness of chemical energy in the diesel engine over the gasoline engine makes it more fuel efficient. Diesel is the most efficient fuel available.

What are the Various Types of Ford Diesel Engines?  

Power stroke engines are the most outstanding and popular types of diesel engines manufactured by Ford. It is a family of engines produced by Ford since 1994. Since its inception, there have been different variants ranging from 7.3L to 6.0L, to compound turbo 6.4L and the most recent one 6.7L Turbo diesel power stroke.

7.3L Power Stroke Diesel Engine

The First Power Stroke engine was made by a collaboration between Ford and Navistar. 7.3L was the first engine from the Power stroke family introduced in the market. To date, it is known as the most reliable muscular diesel engine ever produced. Given its performance, the 7.3L remains the preferred choice for heavy loads.

During its inception in 1994, it was a very powerful fuel-efficient diesel engine compared to any other diesel engine of that time. However, considering the climatic damage by the emissions the production of the engine was stopped in 2003.

6.0L Power Stroke Diesel Engine 

The 6.0L power stroke engine was the second engine used in Ford’s truck and E-series Vans. In comparison to the 7.3L engine, it was better performing in meeting the emissions standards. This engine was used in Ford F-series, Excursion, and E-series Vans.

6.4 L Power Stroke Diesel Engine

 The 6.4L power stroke engine was introduced to meet the emission standard more appropriately than 6.0L. However, while taking care of the emission standards, it lacked in providing good fuel economy. This resulted in various mechanical problems.

The 6.4L engine became the reason for the discontinuation of the Ford and Navistar collaboration. Moreover, the 6.4L engine is considered difficult to maintain, and repair and some problems in it could badly damage the engine.

6.7L Power Stroke Diesel Engine

The 6.7L power stroke engine introduced in 2011 was built in-house by Ford. It has a Bosch common rail injection system and is made up of cast aluminum and compacted graphite iron. The graphite iron makes this engine sleeker, making it capable of delivering high power.

The latest version of the 6.4L engine offers enhanced torque and horsepower, and superior fuel economy. It further provides improved towing and payload capabilities. Interestingly, Ford has enhanced the software programming of the engine to make it a power beast without doing any physical changes to the maiden model of the 6.4 L power stroke diesel engine.


 It has been commonly observed that drivers commit mistakes of fuelling gasoline in the diesel engine and vice-versa. They don’t realize that this habit could adversely damage their engine efficiency. Usually, a diesel engine provides 20% to 30% more fuel efficiency in comparison to a gasoline engine.

However, when it comes to speed gasoline is better efficient in quick pick up than diesel engines. This is the reason gasoline is the first choice in non-commercial vehicles like cars and motorcycles. But the heaviness of the Ford truck could be well managed by the diesel engine. These days gasoline is cheaper than diesel. The reason is the excessive demand for diesel fuel among commercial shipping companies, home, and industrial generators, and heating oil.

If you are planning to own a Ford truck or want to enhance the power of your truck, you must consider buying the best Ford diesel engine for sale rather than opting for a Ford gas engine for sale. Buy used Ford engines or motors, if you want to modify your truck’s gasoline engine to a diesel engine for better performance.

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