Perks and drawbacks of watching online film festivals today

The online film festival is the new future.

The online world has provided a convenient platform to stream unique content.

Even with the accessibility of tools, streaming film festivals has become easier.

But is this a better option, or is in-person viewing still in demand?

Get this and all your related answers to festival cinema online in this blog.

Why film festivals will continue to stream virtually?

Previously, film festivals were party events that couldn’t be missed.

Based on the city of choice, multiple well-established individuals from the film industry would be seen there. Either top directors or the actors that have starred in the nominated films.

So you are aware now that it is a big deal. Ever since Covid-19, multiple things have changed.

We were always under the ideology that in-person presences are mandatory to conduct any action till the pandemic reversed the latter.

Regarding entertainment, online streaming has become the new point of contact. Online streaming has been high, leading to multiple theatre movies entering the streaming world.

So, why would film festival streaming stay behind?

The online film festival has its own perks, for creators can easily set up channels and get global users to access the same. This would lead garner more attention than in-person viewing. For instance, your film would have more views from the online platform since almost half of your audience is catching up on entertainment there. Thus it makes more sense why creators depend on movie festivals online. Let’s now learn more about how you can access film festivals online.

Top accessibility ways of watching film festivals online

Now that you’re aware of movie festivals online let’s understand how you can access them.

One of the most convenient ways to access any creator’s movies is via their channel or platform. You can even subscribe to these channels and access exclusive content before anyone can see them.

So, if you’re a creator reading this, know that many online tools can help you exhibit your content to the world. One such is GUDSHO.

GUDSHO is a simple platform dedicated to the lives of creators. You can conduct multiple actions, such as

  • Create your own content and then stream it
  • Generating revenue from each streaming
  • Creating your own brand identity, etc.

Within minutes, you can upload your content, stream it and apply various monetization formats for the same. It’s that simple.

There are multiple reasons why GUDSHO has become a premium choice for content creators. Here are the top ones:

  • Easy-to-use interface to upload and stream content
  • Option to private stream certain content
  • Access to multiple monetization models
  • Best suited for independent creators
  • Access top features such as drag and drop, bulk upload, 4k streaming, search engine friendly, etc.

Thus accessing any movie festival online has become easy with such a tool. Let’s now learn a bit more about how to enhance engagement via online film festivals.

Top tips to use when engaging with top short film festivals

With the growth in the online entertainment space, engagement with online film festivals have also increased.

With tools such as GUDSHO, creators are able to offer a better platform for audiences to access and engage with content. The best part about streaming film festivals is you can come back anytime to access the content.

For instance, with in-person streaming, if you miss the show, you will have to wait your turn when the film streams again. If you like the movie and would watch it again, you have to wait your turn to access the same movie when it comes online.

Thus to eliminate the waiting and missed periods, streaming film festivals is a better option. You can always access the content anytime and anywhere. There is a possible way when it comes to engagement levels from the creator’s point of view.

You can also give private screening or exclusive access to certain of your new content. This helps tap more attention and simultaneously earns you extra revenue. You can also capture more user attention by selling the same on social media.

Advantages and Disadvantages of film festival streaming

There are always two sides to a coin. This means that while we know that the growth of online film festivals is evident, let’s also understand the weight of both sides as listed below:


1. Cost-effective (Cheaper)

It is much cheaper to stream online film festivals as you just have to pay for the tool you’re investing in to conduct the former action. With in-person, you have multiple costs such as travel, stay etc.

2. Taps a wider audience (Captures global audience)

When you stream on an online platform, you have the potential to tap a wider audience. With in-person, only those who are aware of the festival will view the content.

3. Better revenue model (Increase revenue)

There are better ways to earn from streaming online content. Creators can use multiple monetization models available such as subscription-based, etc. Based on the type of content, the model can be chosen accordingly.


1. Doesn’t cover everything (Possibility of missing out)

There are multiple film festivals that are being streamed online. Possibilities are you may not be able to cover just the best ones.

2. Needs more promotion (Need to sell highly)

When you exhibit the film festival online, you can tap a wider audience only when you highly promote the same on various platforms such as social media, etc. The outreach process can be costly.

3. High competition (Growing peers)

Lastly, the competition is tough for your users to access or choose your content over the others. Thus, you must ensure that you’re exhibiting valuable content at all times. This can be a tiresome process overall.

What does the future hold for streaming film festivals online?

Entertainment has changed, and this new change has been accepted by movie lovers globally. There was once a time where film festivals included access to only a few individuals. But today, the virtual world is making it easier for more viewers to understand and access different and unique forms of content globally.

With unique content now available at our fingertips, it makes sense for creations such as film festivals to stream online. In the comfort of any home, it makes it convenient for multiple users to stream content individually or together and share their views on the same. This helps more opinions to be generated and the word of mouth promotion thus impacting the recognition of a filmmaker anywhere.


An online film festival streaming opens doors to different types of audiences. Thus, this is the right time to stream film content and make it accessible.

But most content creators refrain from this due to the high investment to stream the same. But did you know that there are now multiple tools available in the market that can make this process easy for you?

So, if you’re still worried about how to set up your own creator content channel? Try GUDSHO. GUDSHO is a platform that allows creators such as you to create, earn and build your community. As your platform continues to grow, use the listed features for enhancement.

So, tell us, when are you streaming your unique content?

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