MS Dhoni Announces retirement from International cricket

MS Dhoni Announces retirement from International cricket

MS Dhoni Announces retirement from International cricket 

Mahendra Singh Dhoni or MSD is a common household name for every Indian citizen for two decades. Not only his heroics on the field, his dashing looks, and charismatic personality earned him accolades throughout his carrier, his human nature off the field and his image as a true gentleman made him a living legend of Indian cricket. One of the most successful captains of Indian cricket history, the darling of every heart, most popular teammate and a fantastic mind reader and game planner, MSD or our beloved Mahi was not only our star but our only hope during the nail-biting and heart skipping moments of a closely fought cricket match. Be it any format of the game, Test match, One day or 20-20, our dream man of the hour, MSD had his plans ready to surprise the opponent with his unpredictable game planning and tactics.

“ Mahi hai to mumkin hai” ( everything is possible if Mahi is there on the pitch), used to be the common lingo of an exuberated commentator during exciting matches. We, Indian cricket lovers, had developed a kind of connection, a deep faith with his matured approach and the maestro proved it, again and again, year after year, that in a limited over cricket match, he is the boss, 2nd to none. Indian cricket has seen so many glorious years and has achieved highest feet during his captaincy, right from being the world no 1 raking team in all forms of the game to wining the 2011, One day World cup, the 1st 20-20 world cup in 2027, The Champions Trophy in England, the year 2013, and innumerable series matches against all cricket playing nations of the world.

Someone has rightly said that “ nothing lasts forever” , that stars are born to entertain the humanity, they perform their duty and one day they retire. Sports personalities are no superhumans but with age and time, they have to call it a day and hang their boots, make way for the next generation.

Yes, with the announcement of the retirement of our “superstar” , Mahendra Singh Dhoni, millions of Indian hearts sank with a feeling that time has come for the maestro to be off the field and inspire the new generation to step in his shoes. Our beloved Mahi declared his official retirement from international cricket on 17th Aug 2020. However there were several speculations abuzz related to his retirement and his slack form during the last One day cricket world cup, the cricket world just always believed that MSD would bounce back again and probably gift us some more exciting finishes and his signature helicopter shots and pull shots, dispatching the cricket ball out of the stadium.

The retirement of MSD came as a surprise to the Indian cricket fans as we believed that our man ( the great Mahi) had much more cricket left in him. MSD has given us innumerable heart-stopping moments since his debut in the year ….., throughout his glorious carrier as a world-class wicket-keeper batsman and Mr. Captain cool for his rock-solid persona of staying calm in most critical situations. The legend had announced his retirement from test cricket in 2014 and has played for India in 350 One Day Matches, 98 T20 International matches. Toady the great MSD has joined the ranks of the other legends of Indian cricket like Rahul Dravid, VVS Laxman, Sachin Tendulkar & Yuvaraj Singh. Apart from leaving the millions of cricket fans to heartbroken, our beloved Mahi has left too large shoes to step into.

The charismatic Dhoni will remain a heartthrob not only in India but Internationally. He is extremely popular for his professionalism, understanding of the Game of cricket, no-nonsense attitude, his out of the box thinking and decision making, commitment to his profession and his unmatched contribution to Indian cricket. Apart from his orbital shots, Mahi will be remembered as one of the finest men behind the wickets. His lightning-fast movements and capacity of reading both batsman and bowlers’ minds were his inbuilt capability, a God gifted talent unlike any other sportsmen in Indian cricket and International cricket.

The Ranchi boy from the state of Jharkhand has made his country proud in innumerable ways, yet his skyrocketing popularity did not take him off his grassroots. He loved to be known as the same Ranchi boy, a committed husband, and a doting father. Off the field, MSD remains to be known as a great human being, a great inspiration for the new generation, a social worker, and a contributor to the less privileged. An ardent nationalist in heart, MSD would like to spend more time with the Indian army after his retirement where he holds an honorary rank, as special recognition from the govt of India and the Indian Army.

In one the television interviews the great Mahi was asked, what would have been his other carrier plan if not cricket. His unmistaken reply was “ joining the Indian Army and serve the nation”. The great Mahendra Singh Dhoni is not only a star and will be remembered for his fiery cricket and his ice-cool mind, but he will also remain in our hearts for the human being he is from within, a true example of an India, son of our land.

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