Ms. Dhoni Announces retirement from International cricket – its impact

Ms. Dhoni Announces retirement from International cricket – its impact

Ms. Dhoni Announces retirement from International cricket – its impact

Several speculations were doing rounds in media and sports fraternity about the retirement of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, but no one did ever expect that it would come so sudden & unexpected. Even at the time of his retirement, the legend did it on his own Mahi way. Such unexpected was his announcement that it left the cricketing world and the millions of fans in a state of shock. The two-time World Cup-winning captain truly kept everyone guessing about his retirement from international cricket, and then it came finally on the 17th Aug as a simple social media post, leaving the cricketing nation overwhelmed with emotions.

The moment the news flashed online, social media went abuzz with emotional expressions and show of respect for the living legend of Indian cricket. Almost every cricketing greats penned down beautiful thoughts in social media platform – Twitter and expressed their honor for being associated with MSD at some point in their carrier and the unforgettable moments they shared as a colleague, team-mate, friend, and a captain.

Some of the noticeable comments were made by the legendary former captain of the Indian team and the current coach of Indian cricket team – Mr. Ravi Shashtri, who twitted –  “ Massive boots to fill, An honor to be a part of the dressing room with MSD, knowing him as a thorough professional and finally salute one of the greatest Indian cricketers. Cricketing maestro Sachin Tendulkar had quoted – “ it was under his great leadership he had the privilege of lifting the world cup together and it was the best moment of his life “, Virat Kohli, the current captain of India cricket team has quoted – “ Every Indian knows the greatness of Dhoni as a player but he knows the greatness of MSD as a human being, the mutual respect & warmth received shall be cherished for life, and it was due to his guidance & leadership Kohli is what he is known for.”

In the latest event, the honorable prime minister of India, Narendra Modi has sent an official letter of appreciation for his lifetime achievements and his contribution towards the Nation. He has quoted that his leadership has been a source of inspiration for the youth of India and that 130 Indians will be grateful for all he has done for the nation.

Such is the expression of gratitude for MSD, a man with a stature of this proportion, who has achieved almost everything that he wished for in life & carrier yet remained grounded and connected to his roots.

There is a common discussion going on about MSD, regarding his current market value. A common analysis has shown that the market value or brand value of a sportsman diminishes or ends after his retirement, but would it be the same in the case with the legend?

Well, the survey has a different story to tell about the maestro, who is known to have scripted his life in his terms. Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been one of the most sought after personalities in the world of commercial endorsement and advertisement. During the peak of his carrier and throughout his captaincy days, MSD was a common mascot for hundreds of products, companies, and institutions. He was among the highest-paid influencers for the TV & the Media world due to his stable persona and immense popularity.

It is no secret that MSD has been associated with brands like Cars24, redBus, Ashok Leyland, Coca-Cola’s sports drink Powerade, Dream 11, Gulf Oil India, the Luxury watch brand Panerai, Snickers & Indigo Paints. MSD has also endorsed multiple advertisement campaigns with Flipkart – the largest online e-marketing chain and Mutual Funds – Term deposit & investment companies. From various sources, it has been estimated that for per day shooting MSD currently charges 1.5 Crore for each brand he endorses. His charges have already lowered after he announced retirement from international test cricket in the year 2014 and his speculation of retirement from international cricket, but for the commercial advertisement world, MSD remains the best bet for brand managers, who want a popular celebrity, a character on whom India trusts, a persona, larger than life. MSD has been the best value brand ambassador for quite a while now.

It is believed that his sudden retirement will not immediately impact his demand and many contracts will remain valid and in force for years to come. It is also a fact that MSD will be playing his annual IPL league matches in Sept this year in UAE and the spring season next year. In a valuation analysis in the human brand value network, it is established that MSD had a value of 41.2 Million USD in 2019 and he is the only cricketer in the list of top 10 celebrities.

The brand Dhoni stands as an example of simplicity and genuinity. MSD will remain a leader in the minds of the millions and the people will continue to embrace the quality in him. The masses will be willing to listen to what he says and the same is what the endorsements are all about. Brand Dhoni shall continue to shine bright for ages. As our honorable PM has quoted “India will remember him for what he has done for the Nation”

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MS Dhoni Announces retirement from International cricket

MS Dhoni Announces retirement from International cricket

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