Minneapolis, MN: All You Need to Know Before You Visit It

Minneapolis, MN: All You Need to Know Before You Visit It

When visiting a place you know nothing about, there’s a great sense of adventure. However, without understanding where you’re going, you won’t be able to plan, budget, or even pack properly. Even a stay at a hotel can be problematic when you don’t know what to pack.

Another thing to consider is that your visit won’t be indefinite. So, by not having a plan, you’re bound to waste time and miss things you shouldn’t be missing.

Let’s take, for instance, a potential visit to Minneapolis, MN. To get the most out of your visit, you would have to make a list of places worth visiting and make a general plan of what you must try there. Here are some pointers to help you make these plans.  

1.What should you wear?

There are several considerations regarding your choice of apparel when visiting Minneapolis. The first thing is the season that you’re visiting in. Temperature swings over the course of the year are drastic, so your attire will greatly vary based on the part of the year.

Winters in Minnesota are incredibly cold, so you want to bring warm coats, hats, gloves, scarves, and even thermal undergarments. On the other hand, when visiting in spring or fall, you should dress in layers because the weather can be unpredictable. In summer, Minneapolis is warm and humid, so dress accordingly.

The second factor to consider is the activities you plan for your visit. Do you plan to go out often, stay active during the day, or stay indoors for most of your stay? While this may not be an answer you’ll have before arriving at the location, you might want to keep it in your mind while packing.

Of course, there are some exquisite circumstances. For instance, if you have a unique purpose for the visit. Let’s say you’re going to Minneapolis for a business conference or a wedding. In that scenario, you already know what to wear; adjust your apparel to the season.

2.Where to go?

When it comes to the places you should visit, it depends on what you’re after.

For instance, if you want to have a great night out, you might want to look for a suitable nightclub or visit some of the top bars in Minneapolis. This way, you can sample the best of Minneapolis nightlife even on a tight schedule.

Going out is not the only way to enjoy Minneapolis. This place is one of the continent’s most famous foodie pilgrimage sites. While there, try Juicy Lucy, a local take (some would even say an outright upgrade) on the cheeseburger. On top of it, it’s also a place with many breweries and distilleries. In other words, there’s a lot that a hedonist needs to try in Minneapolis, even if they’re not into nightlife.

To see more of the city’s culture, visit the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Walker Art Center, or Weisman Art Museum. Depending on your interest, you can also visit the Minnesota History Center or the Science Museum of Minnesota.

3.How to act like a local?

Minnesotans are generally considered to be very polite. They are courteous, open doors for others, and don’t shy away from friendly conversations with strangers. You should start a conversation with the locals and focus on their mannerisms to get a better idea.

Another great idea is to try visiting a sports bar. Minnesota is renowned for its great sporting venues and clubs (across multiple sports), which is why this pastime is an integral part of the local culture. So, to act as a local, you need to see what a game night in a classic Minnesotan bar is like.

Being ill-dressed for the weather is one of the best ways to give off the impression that you’re a tourist. Now, everyone knows that Minnesotans are heavily influenced by Scandinavian culture. This is because migration from Scandinavia was predominant in this area. Now, there’s a Norwegian saying – “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes!”

When visiting any region, you are often advised to eat where the locals eat, drink where they drink, and support local businesses. The thing is that, despite this advice, tourists seldom listen. Remember that this is probably the blueprint for sampling the most that Minnesota offers.

4.How to eat and drink like a local?

Previously, we’ve already hinted at this subject. We’ve mentioned that you should try Juicy Lucy, that there are many distilleries and breweries around, and that you should observe locals. Still, let’s see if we can be a bit more specific.

Other than Juicy Lucy, you may also want to try a few local delicacies, like hotdish, walleye, or lefse. As you can see, there are a lot of Scandinavian influences in the local cuisine. One more thing to remember is that Minnesota has some amazing bison farms. This is one of the few places to find a slice of local bison meat. If you’ve never had a bison steak, burger, or stew made of bison meat, this is an amazing opportunity to catch up.

You should try so many amazing brews during your visit to Minnesota. You can have anything from Day Tripper and Todd the Axe Man all the way to Peanut Butter Porter. The thing is that there are many amazing breweries in Minnesota, and a visit to Minneapolis may be an amazing excuse to try some of them.

Now, while some of these brews you can order from across the country, the truth is that buying them locally means enjoying them more ethically. Local goods don’t have to be transported, so less pollution is involved. Also, strengthening local economies is always a positive thing.

Wrap up

Ultimately, you need to tailor this visit according to your free time, budget, and interests. The thing is that to make a pick of your options; you need to start by understanding what some of these options are. Either way, Minneapolis has so much to offer, and by doing some research beforehand, your plans and ideas will be far more solid. 

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