Hwy Haul: Freight Broker Company: How Do They Help?

It is seen that not every shipper tends to have their own fleet nor everyone wants it. So, this arguably means they need to find freight carriers whenever they want the freight to move.This option can be quite enticing for businesses depending on their needs. But, it can sometimes get very difficult to find a capacity on short notice or reasonable rate.This is where freight Broker Company comes into play. They act as the mediator between the carriers & shippers to ensure freight movement is smooth.

So, if you are looking for a reasonable freight shipping quotes, then Hwy Haul can be an excellent option for you.They are highly experienced and they can even provide you with truckload freight quote.So, without wasting any more time, let us look about how freight Broker Company can provide assistance to you.

What Is A Freight Broker?

A freight broker is basically an individual or company who can efficiently handle all the load-moving processes. Other than this, they act as a point of contact for all kinds of transportation needs you might be having.Apparently, they are a mediator between the carrier & business to ensure that all the shipments arrive on time.The freight is moved by freight brokers through various transportation modes such as air, rail, LTL, truckload etc.The best part about them is that they can provide you with top-notch customer service. You can also access their network software systems.Lastly, they will help in negotiating the freight rates for you & your business.

Why Work With A Freight Broker?

There are a number of companies who tend to handle their shipping needs on their own. But, there are many who tend to choose a freight broker due to the benefits that they offer.Also, it is seen that freight brokers work tirelessly such that they can save the money of shippers.They do so by leveraging cutting-edge technology, extensive networks & good relationships with carriers such that best deals are offered.Other than this, they also help the carriers to keep the trucks full and hence they offer very competitive rates. Likewise, they save a lot of time for the shippers while ensuring that staffs won’t face trouble connecting with carriers. The freight broker also makes use of internal technology such that best rates are offered.One good aspect of freight brokers are that they like to build long-term relationships with their shippers.Hence, they choose carriers based on dependability & performance ensuring that the freight is in safe hands.There are also few companies that tend to rely upon freight brokers for their shipping needs. For instance, companies having small logistics department.

What Is The Role Of A Freight Broker?

  • Order Tender 

In first stage transportation process, freight broker works with a company for scheduling a load. So, during the quote process, your company should provide all the information.

Some of the things that are included in quotes order are special event, standard shipment or particular order. Besides this, some of the other information your freight broker can ask are commodity types, handling conditions etc.

  • Load Scheduling 

Once the correct information is provided, then the freight broker would enter the details in their TMS.With the help of the software, freight brokers can help you find experienced carriers who can make shipment for you.You can be assured that all the freight carriers would be licensed and have appropriate equipment to get the job done.After this, once the load is booked, then broker connects alongside with driver in order to discuss the handling needs.Lastly, they double check the information that is provided and schedule the delivery & pick-up.

  • Loading 

Loading is considered as a very important step when hauling of freight is done. Further, brokers would stay in touch with you while ensuring that the driver doesn’t face issues during the transportation. Lastly, they will notify you regarding any kind of delays.

  • Transit 

The freight broker would be connected with you & the carrier throughout the transit process. Further, a reputed logistics provider would have advanced tracking systems that will give complete visibility to your shipment location. Other than this, you would be tracking your shipment as well in an efficient manner.

  • Unloading 

Once the unloading process is done, then carrier notes down the time of delivery. On the other hand, the Bill of Lading is signed by consignee.Besides this, the freight broker would wait for the paperwork to finish for sending you the invoice. This process is done when the documentation process is finished.

  • Billing 

Lastly, the freight broker would send you the payment documents & invoice. These include rate confirmation, receipts & Proof of delivery.

Partnering With A Freight Broker 

The process of partnering alongside freight broker is based on trust and you should choose an experienced company. Further, once the load is handed over to a freight broker, then they find a specific freight matching your requirement.In general, as a shipper, you might communicate with just a particular person of a freight broker. But, there are a number of people working behind the scene to ensure your freight is delivered on time.So, the job of a freight broker is to make you comfortable while understanding your expectations & transparent communication. A good freight broker would work alongside you to ensure all the deadlines are met in perhaps a transparent manner. Likewise, they will answer to all the queries that you might be having.

Final Verdict 

If you choose a freight broker, then a lot of responsibilities & burden from your shoulders would be taken off. Further, they would handle all your transportation process from point A to B which includes payments.So, with a reliable broker such as Hwy Haul, you can assure that your shipping process would be smooth. Further, if you want a positive experience with a freight broker, then ensure to provide the correct information.You should provide all the information about your freight via their software systems. This will help in finding a suitable carrier who can move your shipment in the right way. Lastly, you can contact us through call or email to discuss about your next project.

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Hey I am Syad Aman 'CEO' of the company. I can introduce  my company some facts that helps to choose a freight broker company for your shipping and supply chain management system.

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