How to Identify the Source of Odor in Center Console Boats

Boating is one of the most pleasant and interesting activities. However, a boat full of bad smells takes no time to spoil the mood of the owners and visitors. In the winter, inactive boats may accumulate odors, which are often impossible to distinguish, bringing even more confusion. It is really important to understand what, where, and how to attempt to eradicate the cause of the odor. Once you know where these hot spots could be, you will be more positioned to remove the smell and avoid it in the future, as well.

So, without any further ado, here are the following possible sources of such odor in Center Console Boats.

Marine Toilet

When searching for the root cause of odors, the toilet is an appropriate place to start with. After prolonged usage, it is often a smart idea to give the toilet and surrounding region a thorough washing. If, after a thorough scrubbing, the smell remains, look at the hose.

The discharge hose may be deteriorating and thus need to be replaced. Rub the hose with a piece of cloth and give the cloth a smell testing to confirm. If this test detects odors, it means that the tube is affected and must be replaced immediately. Call the experts now to replace the tube.

Cushions and Upholstery

If you do not scrub upholstery or cushions regularly, your boat can smell like a closed locker room in no time. It is important to clean each piece of the furniture in your boat on a regular basis. When cleaning, follow the directions carefully, and make proper use of the suggested washing methods. Scrub the upholstery and cushions, and then give time to dry them. To stop the accumulation of black mold and fungus, remove all the covers and mattresses from the boat in the wintertime. It is also a smart thing to clean vinyl and lining with a gentle soap solution.


Another possible source of unpleasant smells maybe the bilge of the ship or boat. Water drain and stagnate into the bilge. Applying a green disinfectant and any lines fed into the bilge is the way to remove odors from it. If, for instance, the air conditioning drops into the dumping station, you need to put some disinfectant solution to the drain and allow it to go to the bilge. This will surely eliminate or reduce odor.

Anchor Chain and Rode Locker

The anchor locker might be another source of a distinctive smell, especially an unpleasant one. Since water or dirt is continually being sprinkled in the walls, the anchor locker can emit unpleasant odors. Do not worry about such smells. Regular cleaning of the anchor locker with bleach and water solution can help get rid of such odor. Scrap and wash the surfaces properly. When wiped and cleaned, allow the locker air to dry properly. It could even be a smart idea to mist it with tubing to let air dry up on the deck of your boat if dirt ingrained on the anchor chain.

Shower Sumps and Drains

Showers are among the most obvious places where mold and mildew accumulate. Many boat owners worry about the cleaning of the shower sumps. Although we do not have to consider it as our preferred activity, it must be performed periodically to avoid odor. Proper cleaning of the shower sump can keep these mysterious smells from arising. also, make sure about the cleaning of Boat Dock Bumpers.

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