How to Get HBO Max Student Discount 2023

Launched by Warners’ Media the streaming service HBO debuted its more advanced streaming platform HBO Max direct-to-consumer video service in 2020 and has gained immense popularity among millions of viewers. Students are not away from it and are also seeking a way to be relaxed from the stress of studies and desire to watch the exclusive TV shows and amazing programs streamed on HBO Max.


But they don’t want to spend money to purchase a subscription unless their parents are millionaires, as they have many other expenses in coaching, purchasing study materials, and many more other student expenses. So, all of them can’t afford to stream HBO Max by paying for it and are looking for a way to enjoy HBO Max by any other means.

Luckily, you can do so, there are some other ways that let you access HBO Max at a relatively low price.

Students are curious to know whether there are any hbo max student discounts.

We will walk you through the ways to explore HBO Max at an affordable price in this post. Read the post till the end.


What is HBO Max


Warner Media’s subscription-based streaming service HBO Max was initiated in May 2020 and became so much popular in the US, Europe, and many other countries in a very short span of time. Treasure of entertainment HBO Max offers a diverse range of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and many more HBO originals that people like to dive into from the couch of their bedroom.

The vast library of amazing shows is sourced from various popular TV channels like DC, Cartoon Network, TNT, TBS, and Warner Brothers’ Picture. It has something for everyone from adults to kids as it offers competitive shows, documentaries, and much more stuff for adults along with anime shows for kids to entertain you.


Does HBO Max Have a Student Discount


No, HBO Max does not offer any hbo max student discount on any of its packages, still, there are some other means to cut the cost of an HBO Subscription that is offered for students. By getting a student coupon code, you can reduce the cost of HBO Max plans from $9.99/ month to $5.99/month.

When it comes to the paid streaming services HBO Max monthly subscription is pretty expensive and its ad-free subscription costs around $14.99/ month.


How to Sign -Up for HBO Max Student Discount


Stuffed with a vast library of contents of various genres HBO Max has an expensive membership that offers a very high-end service for viewers, not for students. Still, there are few other means that allow students to reduce the cost of subscriptions from full to half of that. You can not get access to hbo student discount, rather you have to use your Student ID to create a student account on HBO Max. But the discount is given exclusively only to students and it no longer works as HBO regularly verifies your IDs.


To sign up on HBO Max as a student, follow the steps


  • Open any browser and navigate to
  • Now click on “Sign in through TV or Mobile Provider”
  • Then Tap on “View All Providers‘
  • Select your college from the dropdown menu


Moreover, you can’t access the hbo max student discount, but you can register on the channel as an “Eligible full-time student” and get a discount on its monthly subscription at a price of $5.99 per month.


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Other Ways to Save on HBO Max


Finding no student discount on hbo max for students, or any free trial, you might get disappointed. But don’t worry, here are some other means to save on it.

  • Check Regularly for HBO Max free trial:    More often HBO Max offers a free trial to its new subscribers, and you can register on the HBO Max portal for getting a trial and can unlock the contents of it for free for up to 7 days. However it is currently unavailable, but you can check the site regularly to save some coins.
  • Share HBO Max with your friends or families:  If anyone from your family or friends has purchased the HBO Max subscription, then you may ask them for adding you to their account as HBO Max allows its subscribers to add up to 5 people with one account and you can avail of it by sharing the subscription price.


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