How to Convert MSG to PST Format: With its Attachments

Do you want to convert MSG to PST files? If your query is the same, then you don’t need to worry. Because we are here to solve your queries related to Outlook MSG files to PST migration. In the upcoming section, we are going to describe manual and automated approaches, which helps you to export Outlook MSG to PST.

Let’s start with some queries that explain the user’s requirements.

Hello! I have received thousands of MSG Files from my office colleague, and it is very difficult for me to manage all of them at once. I have already searched for the instant procedure for that but didn’t find any solution. If anyone has the solution please suggest me. Your help will be appreciated.

We all know about the fact that MSG file stores only a single item of outlook. Therefore, many users want to convert multiple MSG files to pst format. Because of PST file stores all data of Outlook such as messages, calendars, tasks, etc.

why do We Choose PST Files Over MSG Files:

As we all know that both MSG and PST files are Outlook file extension. PST files are useful for users who want to store multiple MSG files in a single folder. PST files is a personal storage table that allows you to store all the data of Outlook such as Emails, Contacts, Calendar, Journals, etc. Whereas, MSG file only store a single data of Outlook. That’s the reason, why users choose the PST file instead of MSG files. Now, let’s discuss the solutions to convert MSG to PST file format-

Manual Method of MSG to PST File Conversion:

Here, we have a manual procedure to export Outlook MSG to PST format because MS Outlook does not allow you to transfer messages to PST directly. We will discuss a few steps, which convert multiple MSG files to PST.

1. Open MS Outlook in your system and create a new folder as MSG folder

2. Now, select and copy the MSG file from where you have saved them

3. Then, paste selected MSG file into a new folder on Outlook

4. At last, all MSG files are stored as PST in Outlook

Note: You can also do the drag and drop process to move MSG files into MSG folder.

We have mentioned above the manual procedure, which is efficient to convert limited MSG files to PST format one by one. Before the conversion, let me inform you that it has some limitation, which will discuss below:

• The data integrity will not be the same after the conversion of MSG documents to PST

• It doesn’t give you a guarantee of data security

• It can’t export Outlook MSG to PST at once

After considering all the drawbacks of the Manual method, we will disclose the third-party approach in the below section.

An Expert Approach to Export Outlook MSG to PST Format:

SysTools MSG Converter is a reliable solution, which provides you to convert multiple MSG files to PST in Outlook. It is the best approach for bulk conversion of MSG files to PST with its attachments. The software renders you a 100% data security and error-free solution The interface of the software is user-friendly even a novice user can also perform it without any trouble. One of the best benefits of the software is that it convert MSG to PST in bulk without configuring Outlook application on the Windows system. Now, discuss the functionality of the utility in easy steps.

MSG Data to PST Migration: How It Works

Follow these simple steps to convert your .msg files to .pst format

Step1: Download and Open the MSG Converter

open MSG Converter

Step2: Then, select the MSG files as well as a folder

select MSG file

Step3: Press the Export button

select Export button

Step4: Select the radio button next to the PST

Click browse, then press Export button

Step5: Now, click on the Browse button to select the destination path and click Export

click Browse then press Export

Note: You can also choose Adj. Setting button to apply the filter.

Benefits of MSG Converter Utility:

The MSG Converter tool has a variety of features, some of them we will discuss below:

(1). It provides you to add multiple MSG files at once. Users can also select the MSG folder, which contains several MSG files.

(2). The utility renders you Adj. Setting option to add more filtered to convert MSG to PST files such as

• PSTSplit Option

• DateFilter Option

• Categories

(3). During the MSG to PST conversion, the tool provides you to create a PST file for each MSG folder.

(4). The software confers you with the trial version to transfer 10 MSG files per folder.

(5). The compatibility of the software is with all the versions of MS Windows.

(6). During the migration of MSG data to PST, there is no requirement of Outlook installation.

(7). The tool provides you to preview the MSG files in different viewing modes like Normal Mail, HEX, MIME, etc.

Final Inference

We have explained to you the two solutions one is manual and the second is an automated solution. Where on one side an automated solution provides you a reliable process to convert MSG to PST files simultaneously. On the other side, the manual method has some limitations i.e. it can’t perform the bulk conversion. So, it’s better to pick the expert MSG converter to convert multiple MSG files to PST format without any data loss.

Written by Bela pandey

A technical writer who loves to spread technical knowledge.

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