Don’t Let COVID-19 Lockdown Affect Your Mental Health

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Many countries across the world are under lockdown due to spread of coronavirus. The novel coronavirus pandemic is nothing anybody has ever experienced previously. Therefore, it is not so surprising that many of us are facing our mental health issues as a result.

In this challenging time when regular social interactions like meeting with relatives and friends at outside or are completely prohibited, the psychological functioning of the main does tend to get affected, whether we like to admit it or not.

Here are some of the mental health tips to help to get you through during the lockdown period.

Stay Connected With Community 

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As we know, human is a social animal. Moreover, I know social distancing is a must to fight against COVID-19. Try to stay connected with your friends and relatives and get engaged in your community activities through technology. One more thing is that you can also create WhatsApp groups with like-minded people and invest your time to discuss books, movies or any positivity. It will defiantly help you to feel connected with your community.

Maintain a daily routine


In the present situation, with adults working from home and schools shut down for kids, overcoming a whole day with the stick to a routine is quite tricky. Try to follow a day by day routine, on weekdays as well as even on the ends of the week, that bears a close resemblance to the one you were following before the lockdown.

Find some balance between having an everyday routine and ensuring every day has some assortment. It may be difficult to accept this new normal. In case you’re finding the change difficult, it may assist with building yourself another daily schedule like finding a good pace, doing familiar activities that can little more help you to face this challenging time. Yet in addition, switch things up a bit. You can also do some everyday physical activities, which can easily perform at home.

Start your exercise routine at home


Maintain daily exercises routine at home during such lockdown time is a good way to keep yourself healthy and engaged. There are many options, and many online workout sources are offering free access or free trial periods, which might be worth looking into. If you invest your time in such activities, then it is worth it because anything that gets your heart pumping or builds muscle is suitable for both physical and mental health.

Let yourself free 

After all these tips, the most essential thing to keep in mind is that let yourself off the hook. Don’t panic yourself when things are not going correctly or as per your acceptations. Moreover, being upset with yourself is counterproductive. If your kids watch an excessive amount of Tv or play computer games for such an extended period, or you can’t find enough stuff, it is not the end of the world.

It’s significantly more important to everybody to cut yourself some slack, use your time to reflect significant things, and try to keep a sense of “we are all in this together” at the lead.

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