How does outsourcing your orthotics billing operation can help you?

The orthotics domain is a primary part of podiatric practice. However, managing orthotics billing can be tough at the time as practices often face difficulties associated with hard costs when your practice cannot collect fees in a timely fashion. Furthermore, a lot of processes and updated billing regulation knowledge are needed when you are looking for a successful orthotics billing. Billers should not only be well-run on the coverage criteria for the principal insurance companies that your office commonly deals with but should also be aware of the latest codes in order to avoid errors in the orthotics coding process. This can save a lot of time and ensure a faster orthotics billing and coding operation.

Challenges associated with orthotics billing and coding services: 

Collecting payment is in fact one of the sticking points for many practices along with managing claims. In fact, practices are losing tons and tons of money due to improper orthotics billing management. A staff further needs to be familiar with descriptions of the various orthotic types to bill accurately. In order to correctly ensure that your chart note backs up the code selection, your orthotics practice needs an experienced team which ends up costing you tons of money on billers and coders. In fact, at times in-house billing staff turnover can be catastrophic for many orthotics practices. Furthermore, if your clerks are poorly trained or just perform poorly they can severely harm your practice. And training staff comes at a huge price which you can save if you partner with Sunknowledge Services Inc.

Sunknowledge aid in efficient orthotics coding and medical billing services: 

Saving you from the time and cash that you end up spending on the in-house billing team, we can offer the complete services at half of the price that you end up wasting on training purposes.

Offering updated billers and certified coders, we in fact take care of all your pre and post billing needs at only $ 7/hr.

Catering to your complete orthotics pre and post billing needs, Sunknowledge for the past 15 + years has been delivering state of art solutions to many. With a complete understanding of each carrier and their policies and different billing requirements, our experts take the complete billing responsibility maintaining an accuracy rate of 99.9 % in both its coding and billing process. Ensuring correct information with help of direct doctor office follow up, and constant communication; our team further focuses on ensuring cleaner claims on a timely basis. Reducing your aging accounts receivable as old as three years, partnering with us has helped many practices with an 80 % drop in their operational cost.

We are a one stop destination helping clients improve their ROI and closing all the orthotics gaps faster and efficiently.

Trimming all your worries related to billers and training cost, complex claims submission process and time taking accounts receivable, we today have helped many with better operation and revenue generation.

Written by William Jones

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