Export Outlook Address Book to VCF in 2 Simple Steps

MS Outlook 2016 and its other versions do not export Outlook address book to VCF in multiple counts. There are not even any direct methods to perform this. A VCF or vCard file is a contact containing file which is used by well-established business all around the world to share their address books. They are commonly used as attachments in MMS, emails, instant messaging, QR code, and the world wide web.

A month ago, I exported my entire address book from it and saved it on my PC in PST format. Due to some work commitments, I urgently needed to share the address book as VCF. But when I went to open the file, my Outlook crashed suddenly and it shows my PST went corrupt. How do I fix this and convert it to VCF?”

In this blog, you are going to learn exactly how you can fix and export your address book in the worst scenarios.

How to Export Outlook Address Book to VCF?

To export all contacts from Outlook to vCard from all versions of MS Outlook, you must go for PCVITA Outlook to vCard converter. It will help you with the migration process of your complete address book. This software is enriched with advanced features as mentioned below:

  • Automatically matches the custom fields of the address book with VCF.
  • Exports multiple contacts from Outlook to VCF in a single attempt.
  • Supports password-protected, corrupted, orphaned Outlook PST files.
  • Reserves the folder hierarchy and preserves data integrity.
  • Exports all attributes and fields of the Outlook address book.
  • Can generate VCF/vCards of all versions i.e., 2.1, 3.0, 4.0.
  • Supports MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, & other previous versions.

Steps to Export Outlook Address Book to VCF

1. Download and install PCVITA Outlook to vCard converter software. Click on Add File or Folder to load the PST files in the tool.

2. The software will now scan the files before it adds them to its interface. It will check for corruption or damage done to the address book.

3. It will now provide you a preview of the fields and details of your entire address book. Now, choose the contact files that you would like to export.

4. Select vCard as your destination file format. Click on ‘Advanced Settings’ and choose the vCard versions: 2.1, 3.0, 4.0. You can also choose to create a single or individual file for all of your contacts. Browse a location to save this file and hit the ‘Export’ button.

Manually Export Outlook Address Book to VCF

MS Outlook does not provide any direct option to export the address book to VCF/vCard. But here we will be covering the simple trick to manually export your files.

1. Open and launch MS Outlook and select the File option.2. Now, navigate to the ‘contacts’ folder & select those contacts you wish to save.3. Click on Home option >> Forward Contacts >> As a Business card.4. This will pop up a message window with attachments. Right-click on these attachments.5. Click on ‘Select All’ and copy all of them by clicking Ctrl + C.6. Finally, go to the folder where you want to save these contacts by clicking on Ctrl + V.

This will easily export Outlook address book to VCF within minutes. However, this will mandatorily require you to install Outlook on your system unlike the smart solution discussed above. In addition to this, in case your files go corrupt, your contacts may get lost forever. Also, if you have orphaned or corrupt PST files lying on your system, this process will not work for you.

Final Words

In this blog, we have explained to you the best ways to export Outlook address book to VCF. According to user convenience, they can opt for any of the methods mentioned above. The tool we have recommended above is the number one choice of many users in the business world because of its efficiency. It provides perfect results without affecting your data.

Written by Max Black

I am passionate about new technology innovation and solve the queries that arise. I try and test all the solutions and I am always keen on new advancements in the technical world.

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