Effective Preventive Maintenance Tips for Garage Doors

Preventive maintenance can deter many probable serious problems. You can enjoy the uninterruptible service of your resources if you consider preventive maintenance. Prior maintenance can also save your substantial repair cost of future damages. So, preventive maintenance is a mandatory routine that you must follow for all things like home, vehicles, machines, and other household stuff.

Now, if we look at the Garage door, it is the largest moving part, and most frequently used in a day. So, consistent maintenance of the garage doors is required to ensure smooth operation. You can eliminate some significant issues by preventive maintenance before even encountering these.

Let’s discuss some preventive maintenance tips for garage doors.

Inspect Continuously

You should examine the doors during operation, whether it’s working fine or not. Check if there is any grinding noise or door is taking long to open or close. You should look at the springs, pulleys, and cables that should be symmetrical on both sides. Alongside the components, also look for the rust, and remove before it becomes worse. This initial checkup can help you detect the potential issues at the origin, and you can resolve them easily. Furthermore, garage doors are used daily, and movement can loosen the hardware. This can cause damage to the various components, and you should tighten them in a regular interval.

Ensure Garage Door is Balanced

Unbalanced door needs extra door opener efforts to work, which is not suitable for the opening mechanism and door itself. To check the balance, disconnect the opener and manually lift the door about halfway. If it doesn’t stay up, then the spring system is imbalanced. You should hire a professional to restore the balance of the garage door.


Smooth operation of garage door is ideal to avoid wear & tear. Improper greasing can increase friction, which can increase energy consumption and make the operation jerky and noisy. You can get a trouble free garage door operation by greasing door components in a fixed time frame. Lubrication reduces the damages and smoothens the functioning. You are advised to use lithium grease for the chain and fasteners. Moreover, coat the overhead springs with the spray lubricants.

Examine the Rollers

Rollers are the functional wheels that allow the open/close movement. You should check and service these wheels two times in a year. Generally, rollers need to be changed every seven years, but the time may vary according to the frequency of use and maintenance. If your rollers are worn or cracked, then replace them asap to get a seamless functioning.

Test Auto-Reverse Safety Features

Auto-reverse feature is the door should go back when there is some object in the path while closing. The garage door has two working mechanisms, mechanical and photocell. Let’s test the mechanical one, place a brick or wood in the door path, and close the door. Your auto-reverse feature is working fine if it goes back the moment it touches the block. On the other hand, for the photoelectric system with each side beam, close the door and put your leg or some stick in the path, and it should go reverse. If your door safety feature is working fine, then just do the regular service. Otherwise, repair or replace the opener according to the age of your door opener. Usually, openers more than 20 years old need to be replaced.

These are preventive maintenance tips for your garage door to enjoy the seamless operation and avoid any significant problems. You should always consider these tips to eliminate any dysfunction and damages.

Written by Chris Egg

Chris Egg is Content & Marketing Manager at Viking Steel Structures. He has substantial experience in metal buildings industry and also writes enticing content about it.


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