Donkey Calf Raise

One of the best ways to build great calf muscles is Calf Raise. You must have tried them still they are not the only way to work on Calves. There are other ways also. We will discuss one of such ways Donkey Calf Raise.

In this part of calf raise, you have to hold the railing with both of your hands and do the calf raise. This pose slightly looks like a donkey. Thereby it is called Donkey Calf Raise.

If you have bored with that conventional Calf Raise then you should give them a try.

How to do Donkey Calf Raise?

  • Place a weighted plate or an object on the floor with 2 feet of distance from the railing (or any other waistline object like box).
  • Place the balls of your feet on the edge of the plate. Hold the railing with both of your hands.
  • Then lower your heels down as low as you can, pause in the bottom, and feel the stretch in the calves.
  • Then lift your heels as high as you can, take the pause on the top and feel the squeeze in the calves.
  • Repeat the exercise.

Muscles Target:

Gastrocnemius – This is the two-headed muscle in the back part of our lower leg.

Sloeus – This is the muscle in the back part of our lower leg just below the knees to heels. It lies deep to the Gastrocnemius.

Benefits of Donkey Calf Raise

Stretch to Calves

This variation of calf raise gives a great stretch to calves. Unlike the regular one, in this, your body works from the stretch position.

Build Muscles

This exercise works great for hypertrophy. If you want to add some muscle mass to your calves, you should add them to your routine.

More calves Activation

Unlike the regular calf raise in this, calves work from the stretch position that helps to engage calves more.

Saves Money

Do donkey calf raise at the comfort of your own home. You don’t need any gym setup or commute to the gym to do them. You need a railing or an object of waist height. You can build calves without paying for an expensive gym membership.

Thus, it saves money.

Saves Time

As you are not going anywhere, you don’t even need to commute to the gym to do them. It will save you time. You can use that time in other works.

Appealing Lower Body

Calves are very important when it comes to the lower leg. Muscles of the calves will make your lower body more appealing.

Otherwise, there is no meaning of having a muscular upper body but thin legs. No one loves chicken legs.

Support to Upper Body

The lower body gives support to the upper body. It affects posture to a great extent. If the lower body has good strength, posture will be great. If the lower body has low power, posture will be poor. You can make your lower body stronger by working on it. Donkey Calf Raise will help you to do so.

Key Notes

Donkey Calf Raise is a great exercise to build calves. It will not only provide you the strength in the lower body. It will also make them good. You should add them with a squat for a powerful lower body.

Written by Kunal Koli

I am Kunal Koli, from Delhi, India. I am doing my graduation. I am a digital marketer and freak over my fitness and I love to share my fitness knowledge and experience.

Because I think, there is no meaning of wealth without health.

There is also a saying "Sound mind in a sound body".


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