Different Varieties of Striped Rug for Perfect Look of Your Home

If you want to add a contemporary character to your home, then an area rug is a great choice. The great design and color combinations of this striped rug are an elegant choice for covering the floor of your home.

It is easy to add linear vibrancy to your space. These given below tips will help you to get the right designs of striped rugs:

Clarice Rugs

This rug consists of dense horizontal stripes that look like planks. It is a contemporary designed piece of rug that has a combination of two colors. You can choose it to give a natural look to your home.

The first design of this area rug has earthy tones of white, brown, and grey. It is an ideal choice for the commercial areas like offices, library and also for some areas of your home which includes living room, dining room, etc.

The other design of this area rug comes in vibrant colors such as grey, teal, orange, yellow, white, and many more. These rugs are manufactured from 100% wool. It offers a vibrant and sublime bohemian concept that makes it ideal for the children’s room, living room or, bedroom. 

Modern and Contemporary Rugs

The rugs industry offers a wide range of products every year. They come in many different designs, colors, and patterns. Burke décor is among the best rugs manufactured company that offers top-rated rugs. They used the latest and innovative for its making for utmost perfection. They provide unique rugs that come with a unique surface appearance having large structures.

Pimlico Runner

It is a perfect piece for the narrow spaces of your home. It is a striped rug that you can easily use in the living areas or in the small hallways. This rug consists of fin stripes that are mixed with a primary color, which is filled with contrasting colors. These striped rugs come in a wide range of colors such as blue, red, orange, brown, and green that are capable of giving a bohemian look to your living space.

Washable Cotton Rugs

It is an appropriate option for those people who wants to add elegant summer rugs to their home. They are easily washable. These wonderful rugs come in many different colors like black, white, blue, etc. you can also select the combination of different colors in these striped rugs. They are also easily affordable and considered the best option to give a luxury look to your home.

Chrome Stripe

These are the distinct striped rugs that come with a solid layout. They are made from hand-woven viscose. It comes in various unique designs that give your home an attractive appearance. They are highly versatile and can easily beautify any kind of area.

They come in identical color schemes and appear like a single color from far. But, when you check it from the close, then it offers different shades from dark to light. It is the best piece if you want a velvet look in your home.

You can choose any of the striped rugs from the above given. They are capable of decorating any type of area of your home. Buy them and make your home more beautiful.

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